Want to travel to Canada? I will help you know the skills you need to learn to ease your travel to Canada.

Canada is a great country like many European and American countries. This country is viewed by most Nigerians as a land of green pastures far better than home.

And that is not actually surprising since every year we have millions of university graduates with varieties of credentials and certificates ranging from OND to Masters or even more. Nigeria is blessed with educated youths.

But after all the hassles and hard work of studying, what do they get in return from their father’s land? Unemployment. For this reason many Nigerian actually consider other countries to be greener pastures- Canada is one of these countries.Toronto airport

Perhaps you also have it in mind to make a move to Canada but you are yet to decide which skills you will need to be able to get good employment in a fertile land like Canada. Ideaslane is here to help you figure out the most in-demand digital skills in Canada that are pretty easy to learn.

Why have we chosen digital skills? In the past or once upon a time, the ability to read and write was considered to be the most basic skill you need for most jobs. Today, in any developed country, things are a lot different. Digital literacy is now considered to be the new literacy.

So if you simply know how to read and write but can’t operate a computer system, you are still living in the past. It’s time to come to the future. Ideaslane is here to help you to be future-ready because we are going to help you achieve your full potential in this digital world.

Now let’s take you through the necessary digital skills you need if you want to land a job when you arrive at Canada.

1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Corporation has been in business for more than 3 decades now. They produce bought software and hardware products.

This corporation’s products are recognized worldwide and used in almost every organization or company both small and large.

Among the products launched by this organization is Microsoft Office or simply Office. This is a family of client software, server software, and services developed by Microsoft.

It was first announced on August 1, 1988, and by July 10, 2012, it was reported to be used by billions of people worldwide.

Among the things you need to learn is how to use Microsoft word for publishing and editing documents, how to use Microsoft Excel to enter data, and for reporting in some cases. Those are the most important portions.

You will appeal to any Canadian employer if you are skillful in your use of Microsoft Office coupled with the traditional reading and writing skills which are also still very important.

2.  Web Development

This digital skill is a hot cake in any developed country. So if you are planning to travel to Canada web development is definitely one of the top in-demand computer skills you should learn before you board that airplane.

The important coding languages or skills you should have will include the following:

HTML5/CSS- A markup language for the structure and layout of a web page. A very important skill for a front-end web developer.

Also do not forget the sister to HTML which is CSS it is very important to make beautiful and responsive websites.

jQuery, JSON- jQuery is a javascript library that makes coding in Javascript a lot easier.

It will help you build interactive web pages with ease. JSON is also a way of collecting a set of data that can easily be converted into a javascript object.

NoSQL, MongoDB- This for server-side programming.

To know more about web development and their necessary skills, read how to start a career as a web developer. Or you can even drop a comment in the comment section and we will give a satisfying reply as soon as possible.

3. Programming

Any company or organization whether in Canada or any other developed country needs programmers.

The guys or ladies who will help them develop their applications and maintain any software owned by that company.

So if you are thinking of traveling to Canada to get a high-quality job, then you should consider learning other programming languages asides web development.

Among the skills, you can have as a programmer is a piece of knowledge in one or more languages like Java, Javascript, and other important things like a good knowledge of operating systems such as windows, mac OS, and Linux.

4. Communications

The most important skill any Canadian employer will demand or love to see in you is your ability to communicate.

To be frank, what really is communication? Perhaps because you think are in a white man’s land then you have to start speaking gibberish that you term dictionary grammar. Well, that’s not communication.

Communication is the ability to pass a message that will easily be understood by others. And you to be able to understand the message they are passing across to you.

So what do you need to be able to pass the communications test? You need to have good control over your choice of English. Speak simple, but fluent and correct English and learn to use your punctuation well.

You also need to be confident. No one will be willing to hire you if you can’t defend your skills with persuasive words.

So speak with confidence. This might not appear to be a digital skill but all digital skills would be practically useless without the ability to communicate.

5. Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and so on are becoming more and more interesting for companies worldwide including Canada especially since the introduction of digital marketing.

They thus use these platforms to reach their targeted audience in a much larger way compared to the traditional way of marketing.

Have a good understanding of such popular social media platforms.  Who knows any company in Canada might want to employ a social media account manager and since you have good knowledge of how to use each platform you will be qualified for such a job.

6. Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing is becoming more and more popular. It is a fast-growing method for businesses to reach their clients.

Among the digital marketing skills, you can learn are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and so on.

As a digital marketer, you stand a chance to work in virtually any Canadian organization. And when you get to your dream country you will be able to land a high paying and quality job.

After talking about the digital skills you need to land a job in Canada ideaslane.com also wants to tip you on very important soft skills you need to accompany your digital or tech skills.

5 Soft Skills You Need If You Want to Travel to Canada

7. Critical Reasoning and Analytical Thinking

You need to be able to think analytically and reason well. This is important especially if the digital skill you chose is software development.

This kind of skill can be developed if you pay attention to your everyday activities.

Then as someone who wants to be able to think well, play more thought-provoking games like chess instead of games of luck like Ludo.

8. Ability to learn new development languages and technologies

Canadian employers would love to employ someone who can quickly adapt to the change in technology.

Do not be kind of person who sticks to a particular kind of technology just because you got used to it.

If the new development of language and technology is more efficient and faster compared to the one you use, then be able to adapt to the new change.

3. Attention to details and patience

Do not rush into making rash decisions. And do not make hasty moves. Relax, listen to instruction, pay, and attention to every single detail and then act.

These are the skills any employer in Canada is hoping to get from any potential employee.

9. Strong problem-solving skills

The ability to solve problems is a must-have skill for any tech person. It is certain that problems will arise.

But when it does show up how you will react to it matters a lot to your employer.

Canadian employers will look for someone who will be able to withstand pressure and be able to look for ways to solve such problems

10. Leadership and team playing skills.

What’s the value of having a football player who doesn’t know how to cooperate with other team members.

Even if he happens to be the best, he still needs to be able to relate well with other players of the team.

The same way if you want to get a job in Canada and you want to be able to maintain that job then you need to be able to relate well with others.

If you have good leadership skills wow you are the biggest fish in the ocean.

It will take you time to develop these skills but you don’t have to be perfect in before you can board that airplane to Canada. Remember practice makes permanent.

If you want to master any of these skills or you have something you would like to add or correct us on, then drop a comment below. And if you like this post, don’t forget to share with others who would be interested.



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