4 Ways to find that Extra ‘Juice’ you need!


As millenials, we are often told that this is the best time for us to get out there and achieve our dreams, which is very understandable, seeing as there are tons of opportunities these days just waiting to be explored. As much as these opportunities may be, most times you really need to find that extra ‘ginger’ that propels you into achieving your dreams. Today, we’ll be walking through how to tap into the motivation that will eventually make you an achiever and a goal-getter, by looking at 4 ways to find that extra ‘juice’ you need.

Before I go into details, let me ask you this. When you look around you, what calls out to you? What makes you get up and explore your creative side? Now if you have the answers to this, congratulations, because those are the things that will motivate you to do exploits.

In finding your extra ‘juice’ however, there are certain things that you need to know.

Stay with me.

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  • YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE: There are so many young people like you who feel that there’s still enough time before you can start living your dreams. There are also people who allow negativity, low self esteem, fear, and so many other things limit them from doing what they should be really be doing; Excelling. You are in charge of how you write your story, and so you have a choice of waiting for life to happen, or getting up and turning life around in a way that suits you.

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  • LET GO OF THE THINGS BEYOND YOUR POWER: In order for you to properly find your motivation and use it to your advantage, you need to accept that certain things will happen that you won’t be able to control. In the journey of your success, you’re going to experience things that will shake you to your core, things that will push you to the verge of giving up and when you realise that you can’t do anything about it, you need to let it go! It probably happened just for you to learn a few lessons. After letting go, you can start focusing on the other things that will take you closer to your goals.
  • APPROACH THINGS WITH A POSITIVE MINDSET: Never stop believing that you will make it. With every thing that you find yourself doing, be positive. However you perceive the future and the efforts you put into it, is exactly how it’s going to turn out to be, it’s not rocket science. You only need to train your mind to see the good in situations and quit complaining!

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  • DON’T JUST SIT AROUND: Sitting around and feeling sorry for you is only stopping you from taking a step closer to your goals. It will hinder the flow of your creative juice. Those people who you’re comparing yourself to, and those who you look up to, decided to turn that feeling of weariness and despair into something that channelled out their motivation rather than allow it bring them down.

Now you need to quit the pity party, get up and get out there while you still can, and make that magic!

What steps do you take when you need to be motivated?

This post was written by our guest blogger Aramide Adeoti of www.theportablehub.com



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