Davido Cancels Show to Please His Dad

Davido- CANCELS SHOW TO PLEASE DAD.jpgEarlier in the year when Davido’s private jet arrived Nigeria after so much anticipation, rumors went viral on social media that his father, Deji Adeleke, may be the real owner of the Jet because the popular pop music star lacked the financial capacity to bankroll such an expensive luxury.

While ownership of the private jet still remains a mystery, fresh rumors have surfaced that his father may be the true owner of the jet.

Over the weekend, because his father had travelled by the jet, Davido who was supposed to perform at a music show in Nairobi, Kenya, cancelled it because he was stranded overflight issues. “Nairobi, I can’t be with you guys tonight.

Flight issues out of my control, we tried to find a solution but no luck. A new date will be announced soon”, he wrote on Twitter while apologizing to his fans who had already bought tickets to watch him perform.

Curious to know why Davido would miss a show over flight issues when he claims to own a private jet, a fan asked, “Where is your private Jet”, to which he responded, “I used commercial flight here, my dad had to use the jet, any problem.” Since his response, rumors have gone viral on social media that for Davido to miss a paid music show because his father had to make use of the private jet, the jet may not belong to him as he had initially claimed.

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