71 Most Lucrative Blog Niches of all Time

A Niche Blogger Reading

Nowadays, blogs are segmented into different lucrative blog niches.

This is quite different from what was  obtainable many years ago when you could blog about just anything and make money.

If you are a student just starting out to blog, or you are a new blogger testing the waters, this should be good news for you.

What this means is that you could choose a particular topic that most of your writings would revolve around.

It makes your work easier and gradually, you’ll become an authority in it.

A niche blog could be about How to Cook Nigerian or Ghanaian Dishes; edgy fashion tips and so on.

If either of this is your niche, you would have to blog about every topic around it.

How Many Blog Niches Do we have?

From gossip blogs to fashion and lifestyle blogs, there are hundreds of blog niches.

But I realize that a lot of new bloggers don’t know much about niche blogging ideas.

That’s why I decided to research on all profitable niche blogs in Nigeria and give you some insights.

What You Should Know Before Starting a Niche blog

Before we go properly into the untapped blog niches in Nigeria, I have a few words of caution.

This is based on my experience of niche blogging so far.

I hope you’ll take it in good fate.

Not all blog niches are for you!

Even though some blog niches attract good traffic, they may not necessarily be your best bet.

For example, a lot of people believe that entertainment blogs are very profitable.

But the truth is the entertainment niche is one of the most saturated in Nigeria.

Today I succeed in such a niche would require a lot of tweaks to your blog.

But take a well-structured relationship, for example, it is not as saturated as entertainment blogs.

But if you put in the right measure of strategy, you will surely find it profitable.

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So it all boils down to how well you are willing to work.

No matter your blog niche, there are simple tips that will help grow your blog fast.

If you follow these tips well, you will thrive in any blog niche.

Passion is Involved Too

Never start a blog that you would soon get tired of.

As long as you love it, you don’t even have to be an authority in the niche you choose.

Your ability to learn fast is what matters. You will learn on the job, so far you love your niche.

Now, here is a full list of blog niches you can choose from.

You will not come across a blog niche list as robust and all-encompassing as this in one post.

So sit back, relax and enjoy it.

I know you’ll find it very helpful.

Feel free to add to the list should you have any additional list to contribute.

Remember, there is love in sharing.

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Lucrative Blog Niches in Nigeria

  1. Automobiles

Do you love automobiles and are knowledgeable about it?

You could supply fellow car lovers with the latest information about automobiles in a fun and exciting way.

An automobile blog niche
An Automobile blog niche
  1. Social Media

Social media users in Nigeria wants to know how to grow their followers on social media and engage their fans.

You could help your audience answer these questions if you know.

You could also supply them with the trends in the industry.

  1. Wedding

This is a broad niche. You could use your skills and talent to bless about to weds with their the information they are looking for.

  1. Sports

Sports is huge in Nigeria. But surprisingly, it is still an untapped blog niche.

You could choose a sport of your choice, analyse matches and write about players, etc.

  1. Fashion

There are many niches under fashion blogging such as:

  1. Men Fashion

Your great fashion sense doesn’t have to go to waste, there are millions of Nigerians looking for fashion tips online monthly.

From agbada combinations to how to give them casual cooperate styles, there are lots to cover.

  1. Women Fashion

You know Naija babes are the most fashionable in the world right?

There aren’t enough female fashion blogs in Nigeria to meet the high demands.

You could blog about accessories, makeup Trends, etc.

  1. Politics

It would surprise you that there are very few political blogs in Nigeria.

This is not so surprising. Politics is very sensitive.

But if you could have your way somehow, it is a very lucrative niche.

  1. Latest Phones

I can assure you that this is one of the hottest niches in Nigeria today.

New phones come out from time to time.

This makes users in need of information about such gadgets.

You could even have these niches under phone niche

  1. Phone Reviews


  1. Phone Repair Tips


  1. Fitness

You can leverage the increasing fitness awareness among Nigerians by pitching your tent in this niche.

  1. Food

I like to experiment with new dishes.

A lot of time I try to google new meal ideas but I hardly get satisfactory search results.

  1. Web Hosting

If you are knowledgeable about web hosting, you have a lot of audience waiting for you.

  1. Real Estate

You may think real estate blogs are all over the place but this is not so.

A real estate blog with some interesting tweaks will do well anytime.

  1. Kids

This blog niche is suitable for anyone who has had kids or has knowledge of how to take care of kids.

  1. Parenting

Nigerian parents are getting busier than ever before.

They are always on the lookout for parenting tips online.

This niche will do well anytime.

  1. Pregnancy Blog

Pregnant women are always on google searching for the meaning of their symptoms and other queries.

  1. Sex Education Blog

Help young boys and girls learn sex education in a way that they will benefit the most from it.

  1. New mums

New mums are always looking for information about how to care for themselves and their babies online.

  1. Campus Life

There is lots to blog about campus life. From how to cope with hostel life to food ideas for students the list is endless.

A page on a campus life blog
A campus life blog
  1. Education

You could carve your niche in education.

Examination information, how to check exam results, cut-off marks, etc are some of the most searched items on google in Nigeria.

  1. Admissions and Scholarships

Students are always looking everywhere for scholarships opportunities.

If you can serve them such opportunities “as e dey hot”, you would find it lucrative.

  1. Examinations

Be the go-to blog for all things examination for schools.

  1. Business

With many Nigerians going the entrepreneurial route, a lot of people are searching for business tips and information online than ever.

Other niches can emanate from this:

  1. Make Money Online


  1. Work From Home


  1. Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


  1. How to fund any business


  1. Entrepreneur Blog

You could start a blog about entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

New business owners always want to learn from the successful entrepreneurs. You could fill this gap.

You can also have different niches under Entrepreneurship. This image below is an example of an entrepreneur blog for students.

A blog for student entrepreneurs


  1. Health

People are conscious of their health and increasingly looking for information online.

You may need to have some expertise to run a health blog though. But you have a huge audience waiting.

  1. SEO

Every blogger wants to rank in search engines.

They want to learn about SEO so as to rank.

If you know about SEO, why not start a blog on it.

  1. Women entrepreneurs

You could focus on women entrepreneurs since it’s the trend now.

  1. Relationship

You can never go wrong with a relationship or dating blog.

  1. Personal finance

Your knowledge of finance could give you an edge here.

  1. Insurance

This is one niche that is really untapped in Nigeria.

People are beginning to be aware of the benefits of insurance and you could leverage this trend.

  1. DIY

Hundreds of searches on DIY are made monthly on google.

You could start a DIY blog on just anything.

  1. Humour Blog

Jokes, comedies and humour blogs are a good catch. Nigerians love to laugh.

  1. Review Blog

Books review, movie reviews, song reviews etc will attract a huge audience once you are consistent

  1. Tech

Tech insight, gadgets, tech trends are some of the things you could blog about in a tech niche.

Although there are some top tech blogs in Nigeria, you could still flourish in this niche if you are smarter than the others.

  1. Beginners Guide 

If you are starting anything, you would certainly go to the web for information about it.

You could make this the focus of your blog and provide answers to people’s query.

This niche will drive a lot of traffic and turn out very profitable if you put in the right measure of work.

  1. Agric

Agriculture is the new oil industry. This niche will definitely do well if you’ve got what t takes to grow it.

  1. Music

Yes, there are quite a handful of blogs on music but there is still room for others. What about you focus on a particular music genre.

You could also focus on the music of the 1990s and above or female music in the world.

How does a gospel music blog sound to you?

  1. Work Life

Office workers need tips to cope with the challenges of work, workplace politics, how to get to the peak of their careers and so on.

If you have answers to these questions. They will read your blog.

  1. Writing Blog

You have great writing skills? You could create a blog to teach it.

A lot of people are trooping into writing these days, talented or not, why not capitalise on that.

  1. Etiquettes on Everything

We cannot remove etiquetTes from the picture.

If you are fortunate enough to know table manners, speech manners and so on, blog about it.

  1. Single Mums

Life happens. Yeah, so single mums need information on how to make the best of their lives.

  1. Random Fact

Facts about things and people, dates and statistics about just anything will get you lots of traffic which you could turn into money.

  1. Inspirational Blog

We all love to be inspired. Inspirational blogs are always getting people’s attention.

  1. Study Hacks

Yet another niche blog that has a specific audience, hence potentially lucrative.

  1. History 

We always have reasons to google historical events. Be the go-to place for history.

  1. Animal life

Just add some fun and excitement and you will find animal lovers coming back to your blog.

A Blog niche about Animal Life
Animal life blog
  1. Freelancing

If you are a successful freelancer, you could help others too.

  1. Quote Blogs

Localised quotes blog will do well, I tell you.

A lot of time I try to find quotes from eminent Nigerians but I hardly get any satisfactory result.

  1. Spiritual Blogs

Worship blog is another good niche since Nigerians are one of the most religious people in the world.

You could have these niches underneath:

  1. Prayer points


  1. Gospel songs


  1. Photography

Photography niche will really do well as a blog niche in Nigeria today.

  1. Event Planning

Help people with tips and information on how to make their events.

  1. Herbal medicine

Whether we like it or not, herbal medicine is here to stay. A blog niche in herbal medicine will do well.

You could also consider choosing a niche from any of these 11 more untapped blog niches in Nigeria.

  1. Home Décor
  2. Celebrities Gossip
  3. Stress Management
  4. Travel Blog
  5. Online Courses
  6. Personal development
  7. How to blog
  8. Ketogenic Dieting
  9. Cryptocurrency
  10. Blogging Tutorials
  11. Entertainment Blog

If you are looking for what to blog about, here you go. You have a long list to choose from this list.

But remember, there is love in sharing. Kindly share this post with your friends.

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