Who We Are

We are a team of young Africans. We are passionate about two things:  1. Young African students, 2. Entrepreneurship.

We are committed to helping African students develop today’s entrepreneurial skills. We love to see African students start businesses that will become world leading companies.

In 2013, we started publishing a student career and growth magazine called College People Magazine. Since then, we have been on a mission to positively impact the African youth space.

In December 2016 we created the IdeaslaneAfrica platform to support, inspire and African students to start their own businesses. We promote students who already have their own businesses through our blog and our growing social media platforms.

It has not been a smooth sailing since Launch but we are very excited about where we are now and where we are going.

We love to work with organizations offering opportunities for students and young Africans. Such opportunities may include Funding&Investment Opportunities for student Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship Training, Internships, Awards&recognitions, Scholarships, Workshops, Student Competitions, Conferences, Hangouts, etc.

You can reach us via email: ideaslane.africa@gmail.com

Twitter: @IdeaslaneAfrica

Instagram: @ideaslane_africa

Phone Number: 07032250533

Team Lead:

Bukki Bello



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