President Macron’s Visit to Nigeria: Why it’s Such a Big Deal

pthe big deal about president Macron's visit to NigeriaSo since the beginning of the week, the internet has known no peace courtesy the visit of the French president, Emmanuel Macron to Nigeria.

If you have a shop anywhere around Ikeja under Bridge in Lagos, then you will understand better.

At least you would have had your shop closed for nothing less than 10 hours before, and during the arrival of President Emmanuel Macron to MMA, all so our visitor could have smooth sailing.

Well, I don’t have a problem with President Emmanuel Macron. In fact, with the little I have heard about him, I think I am actually loving him – not the kind of love you’re thinking, he is happily married.

I blame our government for always waiting for occasions like this before patching our roads.

Anyways, today is not for venting. At least not while the memory of President Macron’s visit to our country lasts.

Many of our politicians, entrepreneurs, entertainers and thought leaders were obviously very excited about president Macron’s visit. In fact, you would think it was Nigeria’s Independence. Well, good for some people.

Some who got the invite to President Macron’s outings wore their best traditional attires. They were determined that a selfie with president Macron will not pass them by.

And happily, most of them achieved their aims, hence competing for posts on Instagram. After all, it’s not every day you meet a France President.

I did not get an invite as I was not even expecting one. But trust me, I made sure I was everywhere on social media and the internet where it was happening and I did not miss any important moment.

President Macron’s visit is not a big deal

Well, the significance of the French President’s visit to Nigeria from the political aspect is not quite clear to me.

In other words, politically, I don’t know what the big deal in President Macron’s visit to Nigeria is other than a supposed closer tie.

But here is what I could gather from news around by people who are likely more politically inclined.

  1. To discuss how to tackle insecurity issues in the country which is fast becoming a global phenomenon. France too is not left out.
  2. Commissioning of a new complex of the French cultural organisation, Alliance Francaise. According to reports, the Alliance Française is a non-profit making association devoted to promoting French language and culture.
  1. To visit once again – but this time as a president – the Afrika Shrine thereby establishing the shrine as a cultural institution. (The French President who was trained as a senior civil servant at the French Embassy in Lagos in 2004 seven years after Fela’s death).

All of these is no big deal to me. In fact, it’s not worth the buzz. But I’ll suggest you see the gains of Macron’s historic state visit to Nigeria and decide for yourself how much of a big deal President Macron’s visit is to Nigeria.

Why the French President’s visit is such a big deal on the other hand

So here is why on the other hand, I feel Macron’s visit to Nigeria is such a big deal.

In our country where our leaders tell us we are “the future of tomorrow” even when we are 40, it’s significant that a sitting president who became president at 39 is visiting us two years into office. What an irony!

President Macron was born in December 21, 1977. That means Macron was only 5 years old when President Muhammadu Buhari first became Nigeria president in Nigeria in 1983. Interestingly, Buhari is president again 35 years after when Emmanuel Macron is now old enough to be president in his country, France. Hmmm.

Before he became president, Macron had never held an elected office. He was referred to by the media as a newcomer to politics. Yet he won and became elected as French president.

Big deal right? Such has never happened in Nigeria. To win elections here, you must ‘belong’. If you can’t confirm, you exit. Yet we are all excited about Macron’s visit, even the Godfathers who won’t allow the ‘outsiders’ a chance. There is God oh.

And this is the most interesting part.

Macron is married to Brigitte Macron, who is his former high school teacher. Through his marriage to her, he claims seven grandchildren through the three children Brigitte had in a former marriage.

Wow! Big deal right? Now let’s do some digging.

Macron and Brigitte met when he was a 15-year-old student and she was a 39-year-old teacher. Oh, my world!

They became an item once he was 18 and Brigitte 42. Interesting!

They got married in 2007 when Macron was 30 and his wife 54.


(Image from GoodSchoolHunting)

Now, where in Nigeria does this happen? I mean what man dares try this in Nigeria. They will say they it’s a swear case. As in the man has been cooked vegetables for.

Even some of us whose wives are the same age as them still face persecution from their families for marrying their age-mates. But seriously, abeg, who age epp?

Nigerian men – and women alike – better learn from a real man, president Emanuel Macron.

This visit is such an inspiration to me.

Macron is that figure that inspires me to go for my dream life.

In all aspects of life, like Macron, I can defy all odds and live my life.

I have also learnt from Macron’s example to always be myself, take life simple and keep focused and nothing will stop me from achieving my dreams.

That’s big deal if you ask me.

What do you admire most about President Macron?

Why do you like the president Macron and how does he inspire you?

Would you marry someone you are older than? As in, are we on the same page?



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