One Goal to Nothing: The Unforgettable World Cup

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Super Eagles at WorldCup 2018.jpg

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It is now less than 24 hours to the 2018 world cup and just like that, 2014 world cup is about to have a senior brother, wow! how time flies!

Everyone who followed the 2014 world cup would agree that it was indeed a memorable world cup for a lot of reasons. Apart from Brazil’s stunning loss to Germany in the semi-finals that sent shockwaves through the football world, many families unknown to the world, had their knots untied stunningly too during the last world cup.

Four years ago, I wrote a story about the 2014 world cup and one of the many families whose marriages took different turns on account of a great sporting event, the world cup.

Perhaps there is no better time to reminisce the amazing story and ruminate on the serious lessons from it than now that we have less than 24 hours to…

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