Bukki Writes – Today’s Woman (a Poem)


Every day I see her

taking her children

to school early in the mornings

and back in the evenings.

She carries bags of fruits,

vegetables and fresh fishes.


The other, day I heard someone say

“her husband eats not yesterday’s food”

So those fruits, vegetables and fresh fish

I see her carry on her way from her children’s school

she prepares daily

for her husband of 10 years.


And just two weeks ago

at a friend’s wedding

another friend had worn a gorgeously sown dress

that i wouldn’t stop asking her

who the magic tailor was.


last week when she finally agreed

to take me to her magic tailor whose shop is same as house,

you won’t believe whom it turned out to be,

the “housewife” I always pitied.

My name is Bukki Bello. Thanks for reading my poem. Did you enjoy it? Does it resonate? Please let me know how you honestly fell about this one. If you loved it, kindly share with others. I am REALLY looking forward to your feedback. Thank you in anticipation.

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