Top 12 African Fashion Blogs for Fashion Lovers

african fshion blogs - 2018

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I would not call myself a fashionista by any standard.

But African fashion is a topic I would gladly write about anytime, any day. The reason is simple and clear.

The African fashion industry has recorded unprecedented growths in recent years.

We are now the envy of even more developed countries.

Whoshouldn’t be excited about our great fashion industry right now?

And so I am very excited to put this list together and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do writing it.

As usual, this list is not an exclusive one.

There is a possibility that we might have omitted some amazing fashion blogs that you really love. Don’t worry.

Youget to notify us of other amazing fashion blogs that might have escaped our notice in the comment session.

But for now, let’s go down memory lane a little.

Back in the ‘90s, Africans adored imported fashion styles and fabrics.

Thecommon imported dresses we had in those days were the so called “ready-mades”.

If you were rich and fashionable, people could tell by the number of ‘ready-mades’ you had.

Itwas a thing of pride and class that you could even buy ‘ready-mades’ for your children ….it was that bad then!

Our indigenous African fabrics and fashion styles were seen as a reserve of the poor.

Thankfully, things have changed tremendously for the better.

Africans are now head over heels in love with the indigenous Africanstyle and fashion.

We are embracing almost all things indigenous and natural to us.

Someof us have even made movements out of ‘our own thing’ – the natural hair movement is a typical example.

But all thanks technology, internet; social media and of course, our fashion bloggers, African fashion is now the new global fashion.

Ok. So without further ado, here is a list of 12 of African fashion blogs that are re-telling our narratives to the world right now.

Ido hope to add to this list as soon I come across more great African fashion blogs so, hold your peace and just watch this space.

akino.pngOwned by a young fashionista, Akin Faminu, a medical student in

one of Nigeria’s top universities. Akin is one of the fastest rising fashion icons in Nigeria.

Of course, we are always excited about young people starting to build their careers early in life.

So we couldn’t have resisted having this blog on our list. Apart from that, this blog merits our mention.

You’ll get to see a portrayal of edgy and avant-garde fashion styles, especially for African male fashion lovers.


ghana fashion blogs.png

Stylebytrey blog is owned by Ghanian fashionista, Tracy Jamilatu Iddrissu.

Thereis more to this blog than we can possibly tell you, all you need do is click on it right now – no, I mean once you are done reading this list.

African fashion blogs.png

Chichi is a very creative fashion aficionado who loves to recreate trending fashion style.

Chichi’s fashion blog was inspired by daily requests from her friends and followers.

Whetheryou are abroad or lives in here in herein Africa, definitely always has something sweet for you.

Kefilwe mabote

The eponymous owner of the blog, Kefilwe is a South African stylist and blogger.

Sheis no doubt one of Africa’s fiercely fashionable women.

Shecollaborates with top brands like Mercedes-Benz, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, La Mer and Christian Louboutin.

Kefi’s love for all things fashion shines through her bold outfits and flawless image that she exhibits on her blog.

Feelfree to check it out.

Bella naija

african fshion blogs bella.png

Bellanaija is Africa’s foremost fashion blog.

It is owned by entrepreneur and fashion lover, Uche Petro.

Theblog came into existence in 2006 as a gossip site.

Butsince then, it has added many other amazing features that African fashion lovers find interesting.

According to alexa, bellanaija ranks top 150 among websites in Nigeria as of the time this list was being compiled.

african fshion blofs derin.png

Owned by a young Nigerian, Derin, the blog is a go to place for African fashion lovers who like to take their looks a little above the top.

Derininfuses inspiration from the daily Lagos living in her blog which is one of the reasons her blog is on this list.

Dodos Uvieghara

afrian fashion blogs - dodos.png

Dodos is owned by Akpevwe Uvieghara. She is not just a fashion blogger, she is also a make-up artist.

Youcan always trust her to give you on fleek make up tips for free – I meant for your internet data.

This blog is one of the most frequented African fashion blog and I think you should add it to your fashion blog lists.

Thisis a typical example of what you get to see on dodos Uvieghara.

Jadore Fashion

fashion blogs in africa - jadore.png


This blog is one of my favorite blogs.

Iparticularly love this blog because the blogger, Stella Uzo, shows us how she puts her looks together in her everyday life.

Apartfrom that, we have something in common – love for shoes.

Iwill recommend this blog for African fashion lovers with class any day.

african fashion blogs - wmbw.png

WMBW is unarguably one of the best menswear fashion blogs in Africa.

Itis run by a South African fashion lover Sergio Ines, who is also the face of the brand.

Theblog was inspired by Ines’ girlfriend who posts pictures of what he wore daily.

As far as fashion is concerned, every male dressers should check out this blog and learn one or two interesting fashion lessons.

african fashion blogs - onobello.png

This blog is owned by Ono Bello, a Nigerian fashion writer.

She created it in 2009 as a complement to the Ono Bello Magazine.

Onobellonever gets tired of giving us juicy fashion inspirations from home and abroad.

PYoualso get to read the latest entertainment trends on this blog.

Joy kendi

african fashion blogs - joy.png

This blog gives a complete experience to any African fashion lover.

Fromfashion tips and lessons, to DIYs, to travels, to food recipes and videos, joykendi has got you covered all seasons.

Denola gray

denola grey - africa's rising fashion icon.png

Owned by one of the youngest Nigerian fashion enthusiasts, denola grey.

Heis also one of the fastest rising fashion icons on the continents, and guess what? He is also a fantastic writer.

LYou really should check this blog out.

Wow! Africa is indeed a place of fashion.

Now, that you have run through our list, feel free to tell us who your favorite African fashion bloggers are.

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