Join the largest community of student entrepreneurs in Africa.

Ideaslane Africa is the largest community of Student Entrepreneurs in Africa.  Students across the African continent are now beginning to take the future into their own hands by creating innovative ideas and sustainable business careers right from their campuses. These small businesses soon grow to become great companies. Hence, the need to create a platform through which we share our professional advice, support and inspirational contents for student entrepreneurs.

We believe students do not have to keep their talents and passions pending until after school. But to build sustainable businesses and flourishing careers, students need a support system of student entrepreneurs on their campus and a community of young innovative minds on other campuses.  Ideaslane Africa is a platform that brings together these students entrepreneurs from across campuses in Africa and project their innovative ideas to the world.

Through our weekly social media showcase and our bi-monthly web interview series, we bring your small businesses to the limelight. By filling this form, you have the opportunity of being featured on our social media platforms and if we find your works and achievements outstanding enough, you could be featured on our web series with over 5,000 unique weekly visitors.

Register to join: CLICK HERE!


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