Amazing Facts about Nancy Isime: tactics that keep her on top

NANCYWithout a doubt, Nancy Isime has had a fantastic acting and TV presenting career lately. Her 2017 Future Award for the media category is a huge testimony to this.

Taking over the show Trending from the author and OAP, Toke makinwa in 2016, Nancy has grown to become a Diva, rejuvenating her viewers’ love for the popular television show.

Interestingly, not only is Nancy Isime making her mark in the media industry, she is simultaneously and in an equally magical manner, making waves in the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood.

Looking at Nancy’s new fame and the attendant razzle dazzle celebrity life that she has already, one would easily assume Nancy has been in the showbiz since oil was found in Nigeria!

But truth is, Nancy has been around for just a while, she has only been very prudent with the opportunities that she has had since her first TV series Echoes in 2011. But prior to 2011, though, Nancy had not been sleeping.

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Nancy isime, born on 17 December 1991, Kicked off her entertainment career with ushering at an early age of 17, the Edo state born Diva had some ushering experiences before venturing into a related job, modeling.

Despite failed promises from sponsors and all other challenges of modeling, Nancy took her modeling job seriously to the extent that she won her first beauty pageant, Miss Valentine international in 2009.

Nancy also finished second in the Miss Telecoms Nigeria Beauty contest. While working as a model, Nancy stumbled upon a chance to start her acting career. At the Nigerian Television Fashion show in 2010, she met a Ghanaian director who invited her to be part of his movie Echoes. Nancy Isime made her movie debut in the TV series Echoes. Since Echoes, there has been no stopping for Nancy.

She has since appeared in several other Nollywood films and popular series like Africa Magic Tinsel.

From acting, Nancy Isime had the opportunity of presenting. She met an Ultima Studio Producer who encouraged her to come for auditioning at a studio for a presenting job. (According to her IG page) Unknown to Nancy at that time, she would soon become the presenter of the popular Tv show Trending and in fact win many more TV presenting gigs.

Today, Nancy is an award winning media personality and actor all in the space of a few years. She has garnered many fans for herself with an impressive Instagram following of over 200k.

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For those who do not know Nancy Isime’s story of grass to grace, it may be easy for them to conclude that Nancy has only been lucky to hit it big in the entertainment industry but this will be an erroneous assertion to make.

Nancy Isime has paid (and maybe still paying) her dues. From her hustling days as a model to her bold attempts at auditioning for movie roles that she had no experience in, Nancy’s story is indeed one that inspires young ones and here are 4 more reasons we so assert:


Like most children, Nancy did not figure out what she would do with her life as a young child.

Like most children, Nancy wanted to escape errands at home and make some money for herself. But unlike many teenagers, Nancy sought for productive and profitable ways of achieving independence. She started doing ushering jobs at about age 17.

According to one of her recent posts on Instagram, while working as a usher, sometimes she would be in traffic going to Ikorodu till 12pm; sometimes she would finish an ushering job at 2am and drag chairs together to sleep, be up at 7am to go back home to bath and attend the next audition.

Imagine a teenager having to go through all of these and not giving up without knowing if she will ever ‘blow’! No doubt her experiences early in life has paid off and is still paying off now.


At 17 when she started ushering, she had lost her mum. Imagine that! For some, losing one’s mum at such an early age is an excuse to be discouraged, downhearted and broken for the rest of their lives but not Nancy. She was determined never to let her circumstance define her. She is indeed a great example of courage and determination.


Nancy has not always had it easy. She hustled her way up where she is today. When she started ushering, one of her biggest challenges was her age.

She was simply too young for some jobs and in order to meet the age requirement at events, she would often alter her age by increasing it; sometimes she would claim 21, another time she would claim 25 or 29, regardless of if she looked that age or not. She kept on trying her luck and never stopped.

That’s a hustling spirit if you ask me.  She even worked as personal assistant at some point before going into modeling, then from modelling to acting and then presenting. Nancy is a true definition of a hustler.


All along, Nancy never allowed any opportunity pass her by without giving it a try. She was given an opportunity to play a role in Echoes and even though she had never acted before at that time, she took up that opportunity and the rest as they say, is history.

Nancy also took her chance with Trending and today she presents the show excellently well.

Nancy Isime’s story is one that truly inspires a lot of young men and women trying to pursue their dreams. Her story teaches a vital lesson that hard work, determination and perseverance truly and surely are the tactics of true success.

Image from NairalandForum

So what inspires you most about Nancy?

Which of her movies have you seen and how do you rate her?



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