5 Truths About Comedian Kenny Blaq Revealed.

ideaslane africa kenny blaq 4.jpgIt goes without saying that in recent times Kenny Blaq has recorded enviable success with his career in the Nigerian comedy industry. As one would expect, his rapid career growth has got his name on the lips of many Nigerians lately. From pseudo concerns that his genre of comedy which he calls ‘musicomedy’ may not take him far, to groundless assertions regarding his repetition of certain songs in his performances, Kenny Blaq is no doubt having his own fair share of criticisms that come with being in the public eye. Whether or not certain people are critical of this new kid in the block, there is no gain saying that Kenny Blaq has come to make an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. Apart from emerging winner of the 2017 The Future Award – comedy category – and clasping the glory of his own first show, ‘the Oxymoron of Kenny Blaq’, Kenny Blaq has graced many comedy shows with his extraordinary performances which would often reduce other comedy performances to mere mediocre attempts. Asides his likable personality and his great sense of humour, the modulated voice with which he conveys his musical comedy perhaps attract most of his growing fans.
Although Kenny Blaq has attained the coveted status of a celebrity, the rising star did not wake up to fame. From his humble beginning in the ‘Hustling Republic of Ejibgo’ to many rejections in the earlier part of his career, Kenny Blaq has surely paid his dues and here are 5 reasons we so assert which you may not know.


Now, imagine yourself gorgeously seated in the front row of an event venue. There had been lots of beautiful performances escalating in thunderous applauds from the excited audience. Then suddenly, a lad takes up the microphone, dark as the night, all fidgety and seriously putting on an effort to hide his fears as he tries to comport himself in front of the expectant crowd. He tries and tries, saying one comedy after another but as if the audience had conspired against him, they all refused to put on a smile, talk less of laughing and before he knew what was happening, the audience started booing him, loud and clear. A few minutes later, he finds himself backstage. His jokes didn’t work and so he would be trekking back home, once again.
That was Kenny Blaq almost a decade ago in some show in Ejigbo. Kenny Blaq didn’t have success served him like a plate of Chinese rice, he worked hard for every single kobo he earns now. Back then, Kenny would be asked to perform to an empty room before the start of a show. Back then, Kenny Blaq would perform and not get paid a dime. When he was lucky, he would get paid N300 naira while his transport fee would cost N150 naira, only. Fast forward, 2017, when Kenny Blaq performs, he gets a standing ovation; when he sings his jokes, ladies scream their accolades; when Kenny Blaq performs, the audience are mad, not in exasperation but with excitement. Kenny Blaq hustled his way up the success ladder and he is ready to remain right there, on top.

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While his mates were busy writing JAMB and looking for admission, Kenny Blaq was discovering himself, horning his raw talents and paying his dues in what would become his future career – comedy. Discovering himself as early as about age 15, Kenny didn’t have many options to choose from; it was either he went after his passion headlong or he opted out and face other things like education squarely. But he didn’t chose the latter. Taking a bold step, Kenny decided to pursue his dreams and make something out of his God-giving talent not minding what many people had to say or what seemed to be the norm – going to school first. Now that Kenny Blaq has a career that puts food on his table and of course money in his pocket, formal higher education may come into the picture. This piece is not encouraging young people to postpone their education till they have ‘made it’ in life, but it is important that we always weigh our priorities before making any decisions so as to avoid regrettable mistakes.ideaslane africa kenny blaq

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Have you seen Kenny Blaq perform on stage? Oh my world! This guy is the next best thing to happen to the entertainment industry since Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote we are The World. Kenny Blaq’s performances always attest to the fact that a whole lot of efforts go into every of his work. And the way he develops logical stories through a blend of musical genres – local and international, hip up and blues, fuji and jazz, just mention it, is … oh please borrow me the right adjective! Kenny Blaq is that suitable synonym for the word creativity that you will not find in your dictionary.
Kenny Blaq is hungry for success, this is obvious. On stage, he would spontaneously switch roles from a musician to an actor, then back to a comedian and then to a story teller and one role would transition seamlessly into another as he gets his audience tearing in laughter. People not only get excited when Kenny mounts the stage, they get blown away! Some even spray him at his performances these days, how hard work plays!

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Although he is not a university graduate, Kenny Blaq has gone many steps ahead of his frenemies by arming himself with a professional qualification that would further help him take the ministry of his career to the permanent site. He recently concluded an FRSC course which now certifies him a broadcaster. Wow! Isn’t Blaq a smart dude? I mean who would have thought that Kenny Blaq would have time to run a professional course while building a huge brand that the Kenny Blaq brand has become. Yeah, now you know. Somebody is just going to make an incredible boyfriend/husband! And if you must know, there are other professional courses in the pipeline for him. Did I just hear you say ‘too much juice’?

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Twins are just too adorable for my liking! Many of the twins I know are as sweet as cup cakes, especially when they come in that perfect combo of ‘one boy, one girl’. Well, in case you didn’t know that Kenny Blaq is a twin, now you know. His twin sister is a beautiful young lady and the duo with their other family members enjoy a cordial relationship. One of Kenny Blaq’s brothers is his content developer while the other is his studio director. No doubt Kenny Blaq has got a supportive family.

In the light of all that has been said, Kenny Blaq is an amazing talent that many younger ones are looking up to. That being said, Kenny Blaq surely has rooms for improvement.

What area do you think Kenny Blaq has to work and make improvements on? Be sure to share your thoughts.

We can only wish the comedian the very best of blessings ahead.




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