Top 10 Instagram Inspirational Influencers in Nigeria

Denola-Grey-2.jpgI don’t know about you but as for me, Instagram consumes so much of my data that I don’t just go there to wander. I follow the right people, so I see the right posts. Following the right people can be essential. They can influence how you think, who you connect to and how you learn. Learning from experts in various spheres of life can widen your horizon and help you achieve your goals even faster. Regardless of what you are looking for, these are the top accounts that can give you the inspiration you need in almost every of spheres of life from your career to fashion and everything in-between.

  1. Nimi Akinkugbe: @mmwithnimi
    aki.jpgNumber of followers: 32.1K
    Why should you follow her?If you want to be exposed to the world of personal finance and perhaps, someday, publish a book like her.
  2. Tony Elumelu: @Tonyelumelufoundation
    TONY 7.jpgNumber of followers: 40.6k
    Why should you follow him? If you want to fast tract your journey to entrepreneurial success and probably win some mentoring, training and funding.
  3. Toke Makinwa: @tokemakinwaTOKENumber of followers 1.3m
    Why should you follow her?
    If you want to be a self-love queen; if you want to the strong resilient African woman, if you want to pursue your dreams regardless of what people say. And perhaps if you want to learn how to move on with your life with or without a man in the picture.
  4. Chude Jideonwo: @ChudeityNumber of followers: 23kCHUDE.jpgWhy should you follow him?Because is he one of the guys who were instrumental to winning elections for two African president using social media. And probably because he has too many achievements for his age.
  5. Timi Dakolo: @timidakolodakolo.jpgNumber of followers: 580k
    Why should you follow him?
    If you want to do what you know how to do best and stick to it until you make it. If you want to learn how to balance work, family and fame. If you want to be the celebrity husband and dad someone is praying to have.
  6. Noble Igwe: @noble_igwe
    Noble-Igwe-Header.jpgNumber of followers: 132k
    Why should you follow him?
    If you want to know what edgy fashion is all about. If you want to invent your own ‘out-of-this-world’ style and become a fashionista in the real sense of it.
  7. Arese Ugwu: @smartmoneyarese
    arese ideaslane africa.jpgNumber of followers: 64.8k
    Why should you follow arese?
    If you want to build your dream career, unwind when its time, be sexy and decent and still go to church guilt free.
  8. Lanre Olusola: @lanreolusola
    lanre olusola ideaslane africa.jpgNumber of followers: 57.2k
    Why should you follow him?
    Because he is a Life, mind, emotions and behavioral change coach who can help transition you from where you are to where they want to be.
  9. Denola Grey: @denolagrey
    ideaslane images.pngNumber of followers: 53.3k
    Why should you follow him?
    If you are young, fresh, classy and looking to get top-notch fashion inspirations from the very source.
  10. Sisi Yemi: @sisi_yemmie
    oooo.JPGNumber of follwers: 59.3k
    Why should you follower her?
    If you are a foodie and you love to live and be happy.

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