10 Business Ideas for Students in Nigeria

Starting a business as a student in Nigeria – and anywhere in the world – is a very difficult task.  Both endeavors – school and business – need quality time and attention.  Interestingly, the benefits of starting at a business at school far outweighs the difficulties that usually come with it.

For one thing,  you do not want to be broke while still in school, and when you eventually graduate, you would not want to sit idly waiting endless till you would be called by a company’s HR. Also, tuition and costs of things go up every year.

By starting a small business as a student, you can make some cool money with which you can sort some of your bills and still have a business to fall back on once you are out of school.

Here are 9 business ideas that cost little or no money and peculiarly suit African student entrepreneurs.

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1. Customized T shirts                                                                                                                     The love of customized T shirts among students is not growing cold any time soon. Student associations; celebrations such as cultural days, departmental weeks, final year weeks, and other social events are marked with group members creating awareness by putting on well-designed attractive customized shirts.

Nigerian student entrepreneurs, especially those who have an eye for creativity can tap into the need for customized T shirts on campus and make cool money by making student groups colourful on their fun days.

2. Fitness Trainer

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Feeling fit is the desire of everyone size 14 and above, especially. But size 14 or not, increasing number of undergrads desire to have a good and healthy body. Since most fitness trainers are found outside of the campus, there is a growing need for fitness oriented students on African campuses to get necessary support and motivation from fitness enthusiast.

If you are an expert or at least have an idea of fitness training, you could create a good source of extra income for yourself as trainees may not hesitate to pay you a token if they perceive you provide value for their money. This is another good business idea for Nigerian students.

3. Blogging        

If you are passionate about something, say food, poetry, fashion or travel and you love writing, then you should consider blogging. You probably have heard that people make 5 figure income through blogging.

Well, I know some Nigerian students who are doing well blogging. But to start with, you need a domain name and a web hosting account – this is where your website live on the internet. Subsequently, I will be writing extensively on what you need as a student entrepreneur to build a successful blogging career.

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4. Tutoring

What’s the subject you are very good at? Can you help other students who are poor at this subject out with tutorials? Could you help junior colleagues out with the same subjects too?

When you have built a reputation for coaching students to making good grades in an otherwise tough course, you can begin to monetize your lessons, after all, you too pay your tuition to attend classes.

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5. Social media influencer

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Influencer Marketing – Leveraging on the popularity of an individual to promote a brand– is hot right now. One of the key appeals for brands is the fact that influencers come with their own loyal social media following, creative ideas and insight into target audience.

As a student who wants to make money from social media, all you need to do is figure out what you want to talk about and the brands you want to attract, craft your content, use social media effectively and attract a following huge enough to win over a potential client.

You can also make some strong connections and build relationships with people at events and this can lead to more influencer marketing opportunities in your niche area.

Subsequently, I will be writing extensively on what you need as a student entrepreneur to become an influencer in your niche, don’t miss it.


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6. Photography and Videography

If you are a Nigerian student looking for business ideas, this is no doubt a good one. Everyone loves to capture beautiful moments but students are most crazy about taking pictures!

There are chances of making good dough if you are a very good photographer/Videographer. You can also record live campus events on CDs and sell them for a fee.

7. Master of Ceremonies (MC)

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Most Nigerian students do not go for a professional MC for their events. The richest of students are miserly when it comes to spending money on such a thing. If you are the smart and extroverted type, you can become an MC and anchor campus and off-campus events and parties.

The sweetest part is you are not likely to have too many competition and you’ll make your cool bank notes.

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8. Hair stylist
Have you ever heard of the saying ‘Looking good is good business’? Well, nothing is truer than this saying. Student especially crave looking good; they love to impress their colleagues and toasters. So you can start rendering your services as a hair stylist or professional barber.

Men have a shave at least twice a week and barb their hair almost weekly.

For ladies, some change their hairstyles semimonthly. You will make a lot of dough off your colleagues by starting this business.

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9. Laundry business
Some student are really lazy, as a smart student looking for business opportunities, you could help the lazy ones among your colleagues do their laundries and make cool cash off them guilt free.

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10. Food Delivery
I had a friend back in school who juggled classes with his shifting work as a chef at a big fast food restaurant.

What my friends and I didn’t like about him was that he never made any of those chicken pies for us for free, he always added a price to it.

The moral lesson is that as a Nigerian student, if you are good at making some nice dishes or snacks, you can make cool money as a part-time chef or by making pre-packaged meals and selling them to fellow students.

What other low cost business idea do you think will be profitable for African student entrepreneurs?


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