An Open Letter To Efe


Dear Efe,

Let me add my voice to the resounding congratulations to you on your great feat as the winner of Big Brother Naija, 2017. You indeed stole our hearts with your modesty and focus demonstrated during your stay in the house. Your appealing qualities no doubt won you the overwhelming support, love and votes.

Going by history, there had been many outstanding housemates in the past BBN and BBA shows. Some housemates had been more assertive than you were; some had been more outgoing, and of course, there had been housemates more handsome than you were. And just like you, there had been many ‘easy-going’ housemates whom the people had loved. Well, obviously, none of those past housemates had possessed your exact qualities and of course, your story.  Sadly, no matter how fascinating some past housemates had been, Nigerians were always quick to forget them. One is therefore afraid history will not repeat itself.

While Nigerians as a people are apparently not history conscious, there is no doubting the fact that if we carefully and objectively dig into our past, we would always make informed decisions. Little wonder Eduardo Galeano once said, “History never really says goodbye. History says, See you later”. What then does history reveal about fame? History reveals that fame, especially one acquired in the manner and way in which you acquired yours – from a TV show lasting three months – is usually at best very fleeting. This is more so in the age of social media when a star could be made in the split of a second. History also shows that unless fame is leveraged to achieve a greater accomplishment within the shortest time frame, fame becomes only a burden. This, I do not wish for you, Efe my brother.

Therefore, if you would leverage fame as a ladder to greater accomplishments, you must be very intentional and systematic about it. Efe, for you to remain relevant in the minds of your fast diminishing fans, you must begin to present yourself no longer as the poor hustling ‘based-on-logistics’ champion but as an ‘identifiable brand’.

However, to become an ‘identifiable brand’, it is important that you stand for something. First of all, you must be identified with a unique idea. Definitely not music! I am not a seer but I don’t think music is your thing bro. Why I strongly believe music is not your thing is probably a body for another letter. But for now, I will honestly suggest that you think of some other things you are passionate about or talented with. Look deeply within, Efe!  There must be something else you can do really excellently. And who says you can’t ‘make it’ outside of the entertainment industry? You might as well become the most successful online T-shirt supplier in Africa and in the world if you like. Just think of something outside of music that you’ll be comfortable doing; maybe a pidgin motivational speaker or something. Whatever career path you would want to tread, innovativeness, creativity and originality among others are necessary ingredients for success. But please do act very fast while the name Efe still resonates with the people.

I think it is also pressing that you begin to come across to the people as a brand and not just as the winner of 2017 BBN because that is stale already. Some of us get irritable when all we see on your IG account are pictures of village Chiefs hosting you to one welcome party or the other, at this time! And when you attend events and shows, what do we see? Your presence and carriage at those events hardly justify the free invites you get to attend them. Your fame has garnered for you a huge following but you hardly engage them well enough. Efe, I think at this point you need nothing more important than the services of a professional youth oriented PR agency! There are many of such agencies around, please do your findings bro and get on board with a good one, ASAP.

Efe 6

Concerning the slang or whatever “based-on-logistics” is, I think it is long expired. Please could you stop using this phrase or at least try not to use it in the presence of the cameras. I say this because I know the phrase no longer interests people. Instead, it has begun to evoke feelings of irritation in the same people it was meant to amuse.

I am a concerned fan who wishes you the very best of the opportunities life has brought your way. But expectedly, some of my rantings may not sit well with you, I understand. All I ask for is that you at least think about my candid advice and look into some of my suggestions. To be sincere with you, already, some people think you are history. But some of us still believe in you. Please make the best use of the time and opportunities you have left and prove yourself right.  Remember, history never really says goodbye; it says, see you later. Be wise and write your history in gold.

Best wishes.

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