How To Prepare For Life After NYSC – a true life story

nysc 2 Kunle and Nnamdi were room-mates at the Iseyin camp of the NYSC in Oyo state. Both of them had joined the FRSC club in camp and were both posted to the same PPA, a secondary school in Shaki Local government of the state. Kunle and Nmadi’s relationship blossomed over the months as both of them were cool easy going guys with qualities that complemented each other’s. During their service, Nnamdi would once in two weeks journey down to Ibadan where he had registered with a small computer graphics and design company to learn graphic designing. To pay the training fee, Nnamdi struggled to save from his meagerly monthly Federal Government allowance. This meant that Nnamdi could hardly buy a new pair of shoes talk less of maintaining a girlfriend throughout his service year. They were not paid any salary in the secondary school that was their Place of Primary Assignment. Nonetheless, at the end of the 11 months of service, Nnamdi had not only completed his service year, he had also learnt the basic principles of CorelDraw but sadly he was as broke as a church mouse!nysc ideaslane 3.jpg

Kunle, Nnamdi’s roommate and best friend on the other had been a very prudent young man during their service year. Considering the distance and the stress of learning a new skill or enhancing his knowledge of disc Jockeying, Kunle had insisted on saving his allowance with the honest intention of starting a small business once he passes out of NYSC – resisting Nnadi’s persuasions. Kunle had an enviable saving culture and so throughout his service year, he was able save a sum of N100,000 which was a large sum going by the meager allowance they were paid.

After rigorous job hunting period of about 6 months, Kunle was as broke as Nmadi and both of them could do nothing more about their joblessness than pray and hope; all the money they had saved had gone into job searching. Three months later – 9 months after service – a startup company in Lagos was looking to employ trainees including a graphic artist. The company had just started so they were looking for young smart dudes they could pay peanut and then train to their taste. Kunle and Nmadi got this information at the same time but unfortunately, Kunle could not apply as he did not have any of the skills required. Nnamdi on the other hand, had never stopped adding to his knowledge of graphics. At the interview, he was the most suitable candidate for the job and so he got it. In 2017, 5 years later, Kunle functions as the company’s Creative Director and the last time we checked, he had registered his own agency, all things being equal, he would become a CEO of an advertising agency soon. Well, Kunle too is not doing too badly. Although it had taken him 5 years to get a job, he is now one of the head teachers in a well-paying privately owned secondary school in his state.

So what’s the moral of these story? How much you invest wisely during your NYSC is what really matters not how much you end up saving. 12 months of NYSC is good opportunity to put plan B in place in case paid job just doesn’t come in time. Be wise!


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