5 Ways To Combine School And Startup Successfully

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There are a lot of high profile success stories of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs who dropped out of college to become world-renowned CEOs.

However, starting your own business early doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to drop out of school or forgo your degree; it’s possible to start your business in school and still make first class.

Here are some tips to help you combine school and your start-up successfully.
On campus, you’ll find hundreds of young, energetic and creative people like yourself. Tap from this pool of energetic people and find a team to build your startup with.

All you need do is look for students who have complementary skills and character that you need to grow your business.

It is also important that such a team share your vision for your startup.

With such a team (Usually of three to five persons depending on your startup) on board, it becomes easier to achieve your startup goals without burning yourself out.

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University campus houses all the potential advisers you need to grow your startup, why not tap into them?

Those professors in technology, marketing, and management hold an incredible wealth of knowledge and are always willing to help.

Not many student entrepreneurs come to them for help and this is because we do not have many student entrepreneurs despite the hype.

So such lecturers and academic are always excited to be of help.

Some will even be willing to tap into their networks to help place your startup on the right path. But you have to seek their help first.

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Take advantage of the school structure of fixed timetables, semester breaks and holidays. You can fix your major marketing activities around your long semester breaks.

This will allow you to concentrate more on your study during the semester and focus on your business when there is less school workload.

Planning is all you need to make effective use of the school structure.

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From the federal government to state, local government and individual scholarships, there is a wide range of grant-in-aid available for students in higher institutions.

Most scholarships require that students have a certain CGPA to qualify while some scholarships are given to students of particular zones.

Make sure you are on the lookout for scholarships and be sure to fill scholarship forms properly.

When such money is paid, make sure they are invested in your startup.

Never mind that others will be buying the latest iPhone and most expensive perfumes.

You could even kick off your business with your scholarship fund if such startup requires only small capital to start.

No matter your course of study, to succeed in your business, you need important marketing skills which are easily available on campus.

Just make sure you’re selective with your electives and GSTs courses.

Even if you have to go all the way to another faculty, elective courses that will arm you with the skills you need to run your startup successfully will be an added advantage.

Successfully combining school with your startup is not as simple as ABC but by putting necessary plans and actions in place at the right time, you can be successful at both.

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