5 Signs Your Next Job Interview Will Be A Disaster

interview hall in nigeria

Sometimes getting a job becomes the last hope of the common man and woman.

No matter how determined one was to become an entrepreneur initially, the only way to save some money to begin one’s own business may really be to secure a job – reluctantly so.

When the purpose of attending an interview is to secure a job; save some money and hopefully, set up one’s own business someday, it becomes ‘by-fire -by- thunder’ to pass that interview and start earning that salary!

The bitter truth though is that most young graduates attend interviews totally unprepared an unequipped, especially when attending an interview for the first time.

If you are fortunate enough to have sealed an appointment with a company’s HR already and you are guilty of these 5 things, be assured you are about to throw that golden opportunity to ‘LAWMA’.

But hey, if that interview is not in the 10 minutes, this piece can help.
1- You do not know how to describe yourself.
In any gathering of people with common or dissimilar interests, the question, ‘can we meet you’ or other variations of it often marks the start or end of discussion!

At interviews, your answer to ‘let’s meet you’ can quickly set the HR person in that mood of looking forward to the next candidate to come into the board room while you are still right in front of him fumbling.

What’s really expected of you is not your name, date of birth and those unimportant details already on your CV.

Let the interviewers facing you know exactly what you do, what you have been doing and what you intend to do in future, all in the line of your career. An example could be: I am Taxe Blaxe, a 25-year-old Mass communication graduate.

In the past two months, I have been co-producing the TV Show ‘Children Party’ On AIT. I am looking for a role in an organization where I can put my communication skills into profitable use etc.

Try to be most precise and smooth doing this. Don’t complicate what already simple.

2 – You do not know how to contribute to the company’s bottom line.
I have not attended many interviews myself but I do know that smart HR persons will always like to know how you will add value to their company; no company wants to hire a degree holding liability.

So if you do not know the answer to the question “how do you add value to ABC Company? You are about to put the HR off and put yourself in a difficult situation.

So before stepping to that interview hall make sure you figure out how you will use your skill or experience or passion to contribute to the company’s growth.

3. You do not have valuable information about the company.
No. It’s not acceptable that you do not have any right information about my company and you sincerely want me to employ you.

For any reason that you are sitting right there facing the HR and hoping to be the guy who gets the gig, you should have read up about that company and have the correct and latest information about them at your fingertips. This goes a long way to show your interest not just in the money but the in the organization.

4. You have questionable photos or content on your social media accounts.

If for any reason the interviewer feels you are just way too smooth – impressive answers to the all questions, presentable outfit, charming looks, great accent, modest eye contact and a great sense of humour, he or she might just not want to take the chances and decide to check you out on social media.

And if you are some questionable character over there, then, come back next year!

5. You do not have an advantage over the next guy.                                                        

You just have to be the fantastic guy. You may have read 50 books in two months or you may have published a book so far; or it may be that you’ve given motivational speeches in 5 gatherings or you have an amazing number of followers on social media, just be the most interesting and impressive guy in the room.

Let there be something fantastic about you and spill it out. Trust me, most companies will want to employ the guy with the right qualifications/skills and of course an added advantage of being knowledgeable outside of his discipline.
There are many other of interviews but these tips will definitely guarantee you a shortlisting at the very least.

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