10 Excuses You Should Not Make As A Student.

At Ideaslane.com, our definition of a smart student differs slightly from what you are used to. Smartness is not determined by the number of A(s) you are able to score in a semester; smartness is this added to your ability to decipher your talents, skills and passion and create a dream of your future achievable through entrepreneurship. Even for the smartest student – the most brilliant guy that every lecturer wants in his office every after school hour to help him edit his newest book- there is the tendency to focus squarely on scoring A(s) and ignore the equally important task of creating a future through entrepreneurial endeavours, giving excuses that are at best lame. These excuses are very oocommon and most of us can relate with them but they are mere alibis and they aren’t reasons enough for you to ruin an opportunity of a better future. I thought I should start from spelling out these common excuses so you can know how much guilty you are and then, hopefully, retrace your steps. The good thing is I have also given you a quick ‘What to do’ just below the toxic excuses so you just don’t end up angry and frustraated after this read.
I am busy with Lectures:
Plan well and use your time prudently.
I am here in school to learn:
Learn to be useful for yourself first.
I am broke; I can’t start a business:
Don’t buy new stuffs for now; just keep saving.
I have no idea about starting a business:
Follow @IdeaslaneAfrica on Instagram
I don’t want to become an entrepreneur:
You’ll wish you never said that someday
No one will buy my stuff:
At least you have a room mate
I do not have the skills to become an entrepreneur:
No one does until they start.
I don’t even know what I am passionate about:
Think. Think. Think.
I am not too good at persuading people:
You don’t have to; just tell them what you do
I don’t know how my parents will feel about it:
They’ll jump up and thank God they had you.

It’s only fair to share.

Feel free to give me reach me @bukkiideas@yahoo.com if you have any questions or query.


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