Dear Undergraduate, A Task You Should Achieve Before Writing Your Final Year Exams

I used to be an undergraduate myself just about 10 years ago. With my N10,000 monthly pocket money, I could afford the life of an average student, buy soft drinks whenever I’m thirsty for it and take photos with friends once a while. That was the life for me! With the serious effort I put in my studies I knew the future would be bright so I always had this picture of myself in well laundered nice jackets behind shiny computer desk in an air conditioned office attending to customers. Yes, back then I saw myself becoming a banker. 10 years later though, I would seriously dread working in a bank, any other job was just fine – I am not saying banking job is not a good one.
My campus sweethearts, it had cost more than half a decade of my life to identify my passion which is nothing close to a career in banking. Well, enough of my reflections (let me not bore you more). You do not have another five years or students-kkplus x of your life wandering, not knowing what to do with your life. Start thinking seriously about that thing you love to do and know how to do well; that thing your friends already know that you do so well. Once you get into the world outside the school walls, it may be too late and I don’t want you making same mistakes some of your older ones made. Some of my classmates had gotten choice jobs with well-paying companies only for them to resign to make a business of their talent. Some have left the medical profession to become musicians, some resigned as Engineers to become Chefs, and some have become fashion designers who were Barristers. The lesson is you do not have to wait till you are already in the wrong career before you start to pursue your calling. You need to know what you want to do with your life. This is the time to look inwards and find the person you are, identify your talent and what you are passionate about so you can take it up from there once you become a graduate. Truth is, those jobs are not even there anymore, you will have to create yours so why till it’s late.
Once you leave the four walls of the school, pressures will start to mount. Pieces of advice will start flowing around from your loved ones – most of them well-intended – and confusion could easily set in. You need to know exactly what you want to do with your life along the line of your passion and talent. In your interactions with your classmates, roommates, lecturers and others on campus, you already show traces of your potentials, indirectly. Now is the time to take actions on those potentials. Remember, Seth Berkowitz the founder of Insomnia cookies started making cookies while an undergrad at University of Pennsylvania out of a desire to satisfy his late night sweet tooth in 2003. Today, Insomnia Cookies are delivered to more than 65 locations in the U.S. If Seth hadn’t started back then while at school we wouldn’t be telling his story as a successful entrepreneur today. So the decision is yours to take now dear undergraduate.


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