How To Use Social Media Better.

Post an update on your Facebook status with a beautiful picture of yourself taken atop the beautiful Paris’s Eiffel Tower. Let the caption read, “When you have to take a beautiful break from work”. Stay logged out for 2 hours then social-media-image1come back and check your notifications. What do you see? Tons of likes and plenty of comments in fact you will definitely find it a daunting task to acknowledge all of them.

Upload a link of a job opening available in a new company on your LinkedIn account. Caption it “two animators and a graphic artists urgently needed”. Open and browse other sites on your mobile device and go back to check your notifications in the next 5 hours. What do you find? Very many likes and hundreds of comments – depending of course, on the number of followers you have gathered. Cool. But why is no one sharing these exciting updates you may ask. Or better still, when was the last time you shared a very nice piece a connect posted?

Clicking on the ‘share’ button on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook is big deal for many people and that is surprising because it not asking for too much to get a split second of someone’s time just to have them share an exciting and valuable piece online. The potential advantage we throw in the bin by not sharing great stuff that we daily encounter on social media cannot be quantified.  Each time we only like and not share a useful post that deserves to be seen by others,  we are denying some people of potential opportunities. Millennials are apparently the most selfish in their use of social media with their routine social media activities – rush in, scroll through updates, change display pictures and upload yet another video, all without taking time to check out what other information other persons have got there. .

But millennials are not the only ones guilty here, most of us are. And in fact, all of us need to cultivate the habit of sharing great stuff we come across on social media. Truth is, your generous comments and likes would hardly do any good if not accompanied by a ‘share’ and when you share a good piece, you extend an opportunity to your own connects to equally have access to same useful information. It only takes you to press the share button for a beautiful to piece to become a talk of the net and go viral. So the next time you stumble upon a nice write up or a great photography or an awesome tech innovation, don’t just say ‘what a great idea!’, SHARE the piece with others and isn’t that why it is called social media in the first place?

What great content have you come across on social media lately?

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