Everyone Should Know These New Challenges Women Entrepreneurs Now Face

The abuse of single women of so called “marriageable age” by their male counterpart who are themselves single has taken a new dimension in the wake of internet and the social media craze. This worrisome development alongside the stereotypes already assigned women especially in Africa is apparently a conspiracy to further frustrate her efforts at negating such stereotypes.

For one thing, the internet has contributed immeasurably to the ongoing sisi.jpgfinancial emancipation of young women world over. But to pretend that everyone is excited about this development is to refuse to accept a fact staring sternly at us. Unfortunately, those who refuse to concede to this unprecedented shift and re-positioning of women from the background to the forefront in this era of internet and inter-connectivity have resorted to Social media cum the internet to malign, frustrate and thwart their efforts in doing well for themselves and contributing significantly to the nation’s economy.
Recently, because of her admirable achievements using modern technology and the newest communication gadgets, a woman’s success is often easily underplayed in an erroneous attempt to satirize her singleness. Unknown to these ones (misogynists or female haters) the fact of a woman being single is neither a predicament nor a course and never a detriment – especially if the woman in question has chosen that it will not be. Conversely, many intelligent women are being constrained by the exigencies of marriage, estranged to their innate abilities order than the chores of preparing meals and making babies. Well, that’s not the thrust of this piece, but it is germane at this point to reiterate that a single woman is no less of value than her married counterpart & vice versa, and so there can tarabe only one type of woman – the woman you choose to be.

Although the physical world is said to be men’s, “the world of internet” at least is undoubtedly tilted to the side of the women going by the number of women earning a good living via blogging, tech startups and other online businesses. A lot of women have turned the golden opportunity of the social media boom into businesses worth millions for themselves and their families & nation by extension. Although, outside the online world women occupy various leadership positions in different organizations and establishments, this is not new to men. What is new to men in this time of ours however, is the success of women at mastering so rapidly, the new media; using it so skillfully to enhance womanhood, and this account for the new prejudice against women by their counterpart men.
To portray a successful woman as a desperado, a hoe and a failure simply because she is successful and she is not a man; worse still, she is not married to one, is not only absurd but ridiculous. And those who abuse such women verbally or physically or through other subtle forms are about to lindawitness a shocker of their lives as we now live in a world so widely webbed and in this world, women are global landladies; married or not, determined to kick out uncooperative occupants – male or female.


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