Parents: This Is How To Help Your Child Get Employed.

When I launched my first business idea immediately after school, years back, I didn’t have any money to publish College People  Magazine but I was fortunate to have my parents’ support. My parents tried all they could to support me financially and even morally. If not for their support those though years – and even now, my dream of helping children of school age develop entrepreneurial skills would have at best remained a dream. But that’s a story for an autobiography.

The reality today is most Nigerian parents desire their children to be gainfully employed and start earning a reasonable salary as soon as they graduate. This is so that such graduates could become independent and then support the family as soon as possible.  The idea of their children venturing into a business or enrolling to learn a skill after higher institution is unthinkable for many Nigerian parents. This is very understandable. Haven spent a fortune to educate a child, it is only natural for a parent to desire to see such a child settle down and even assist them in terms of some financial commitments as soon as after NYSC.

The predicament of the present day Nigeria –and maybe the world at large – nonetheless dictates for a parent entirely different expectation from a child. In fact, the reversed is now obtainable; parents are obliged to continue to support their graduates after school not.such graduates immediately supporting the family financially once they graduate. In today’s Nigeria, a parent would have to give a child “post higher institution support” that he or she needs to start life afresh after school. This is obviously because there are little or no jobs to meet the rising needs of thousands of graduates the country continues to churn out yearly. Sadly, createparents now have to assume the additional role and responsibility of supporting their children financially and morally as such children endeavour to create for themselves a source of livelihood through job creation.

From the foregoing, in addition to the luxury of higher education provided by a parent, a child may need tangible capital to start a business after school. Some parents may assist their children in form of a piece of land (i.e. for farming) an apartment or room that he or she could use as office or workshop – temporarily. Supporting the child morally by giving the needed advice and encouragement is another role a loving parent would assume after a child leaves school. Still, a parent could assist a child by connecting him or her with their friends that could patronise the products or services the child render.

Any child willing to become an entrepreneur should be supported and encouraged by the parent. In fact, parents should indeed urge their children to become entrepreneurs – of course not all of them would be one -. At the end of the day, most graduates would end of up learning one skill or the other in order to earn a living. The earlier parents realised this, the better. The earlier parents starts giving their children the necessary impetus and motivation to achieve their entrepreneurial ambitions the earlier the children would become useful to them after school. This is indeed the new role all loving parents should assume for children who portray entrepreneurial tendencies and show conspicuous interest in it.



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