5 Easy Ways To Start Your Business After School.

Now, straight to the point, no need of too much talks.

1. IDENTIFY YOUR ‘MINISTRY’: So if at this stage you are yet to decide on the exact business you want to settle for as an entrepreneur, it is not too late but you really have to go back to the drawing board now. You have to think well and think fast. There are lots of ideas that would be coming to your mind but make sure of these three things:

16iht-fbeauty16-span-jumbo.jpgchoose what you are passionate about, don’t be a copycat and create your own niche in whatever business idea you want to pursue.
2. EMPLOY THE SOCIAL MEDIA: The social media is an effective tool readily available for you to widen out and showcase your business as much as you desire these days. I know you are already signed on to some of the social media platforms, but can you make better use of the social media by being more active and writing posts around your business? Can you improve your image on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? You can achieve these by portraying yourself with your business in mind on these mediums and consistently too and by connecting with people who share your interest.
3. ATTEND TRAININGS AND CONFERENCES: Be alert to trainings and conferences opportunities. Although most trainings have fees attached to them but there are some trainings that you would pay little or nothing to attend, always look out for such. When you attend such gatherings, you learn about industry trends; network and expand your industry connects. All of these would help you handle your new business better.
4. BUY A DOMAIN: You would eventually need a web site of your own where your customers/audience would visit to find out more about your products/services. The earlier you have a domain the better. If you buy a domain now, you would begin to drive traffic to your site using your social media platforms. So even before you save some money to rent your desired physical office,get a web site; you may be fortunate enough to have a friend of yours help you create a site – at discounted amount – where people can get to know what you do online.
5. GET STARTED: After all the talks, the best time to start your business is now and the next best time is now still. No matter how small you are starting, start now! Like I always say, you may not have $10,000 worth of money,  but with $100 passion, you will get to your desired career Promised Land, someday.

You may add your own strategies to the list, no one knows it all.

It’s only fair to share.

Image from addoptions.org

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