Dion Flynn was on a show on a popular TV last night and the first thing that stroke me as he positioned himself comically beside the two presenters was his cap. Yes, he looked even more like Obama with that black cap on but that wasn’t my attraction; I was fascinated by the inscription on the cap. I needed not strain my eyes to see the boldly written “Brooklyn” –or perhaps that was all I could see from the screen.  Right away, my mind began to embark on a journey as far as Brooklyn. Prior to my imagination, I had not been to Brooklyn but I could conjure up images based on what I had read about Brooklyn.

Of course, as the Nigeria celebrities “nose poker” that I am, I began to think of the significance of a face cap to an overall attire of a celebrity. It matters. What your cap – and everyCelebrities. 3 other clothing material -say about you really matter. Your cap may not read “Brooklyn” but let it pass a message that agrees with your brand; let it speak positivity about your country, your state, and most importantly, let your cap reflect who you really are, let your cap be you! Remember, your face cap cancelebrities olamide be anything, person or place that is conspicuous enough and thus is capable of creating an indelible impression about you. It could be a tattoo; it could a relationship; it could be a trip. Always be conscious of what you expose to the outside world – it would either make or mar you. From the foregoing, it is dangerous to wear a face cap that is foreign to you.  So, wear the cap that belongs to you and let your cap tell your story.


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