Printivo is the most amazing thing to happen to the print industry! These guys know what it takes to get a good printing job done and they want to take the stress off you. From creation to delivery, Printivo will provide all you can ever need for a beautiful print. Printivo simply allows you choose a product of choice, Select a template under your product category and customise it to your taste.
You would then simply add images, edit texts, change font sizes and colour using their online editor. For busy people like me, the most interesting thing about Printivo is that wherever you are in Nigeria, your order will be shipped to you without any delay. That’s good news if you ask me! Yeah, getting a customised beautiful season cards for your loved ones can be that easy.
Gamsole is a Nigerian-born mobile game production company. These guys make games that are fun to play; plain and simple. Isn’t that just cool? Each game offers imaginative and irresistibly fun game-play that appeals to gamer of all age groups. Within 6 months of launching Gamsole games on the Windows Phone Store, over 3 million players worldwide have fallen in love with the addictive game-play. Waoooooo!
Currently Gamsole develops games for Windows Phone mobile and Windows 8 PC. Gamsole’s games currently has over 9 million downloads around the world. Now, this online start-up business ideas is getting more interesting by the day – and more competitive for the industry players – and one is pleased to see that Nigerians in the industry are achieving great feats. With gamsole.com, gaming gets more fun, make it a fun-filled 2016 with gamsole!
Edusko.com is nothing like the education sector has ever experienced. Edusko bridges the gap between good schools and parents, thereby making the right schools available accessible and affordable to students. Unlike school directories that you are probably used to, Edusko.com actively takes good schools right to the doorpost of parents and interested parents to the door posts of schools, with a most amazing ease and efficiency.
Within few months of lunch, haven observed Edusko’s strength, the media has been buzzing about these guys – you should check them out by yourself. And to think that Edusko also caters for the needs of students desiring foreign education by making available for students the very right schools for them outside the country, other start-ups should beware of these guys, they aren’t here to joke! Edusko is presently the online space where top-notch schools in Nigeria, Ghana and some parts of Europe and America find the right link to their varieties of targets/audiences. Am just so proud of these guys, kudos!
Gomyway.comgo my way
“Connecting passengers with drivers who have spare seats to share.” Now, how does the sound of that feel in your ears? It makes absolute sense, especially for people like me who aren’t mobile yet. Gomyway is the most stress-free way to find yourself that ride of your choice for the journey to wherever in Nigeria.
All you need do if you need a ride is to follow these four simple steps on Gomyway.com and …knock knock knock, you are at your desired destination: Find a ride, Book a seat, Pay the ride owner and then travel together. And for those who have empty seats and need passengers, the steps are simple as well: Offer a ride, complete your profile, accept ride requests and travel together. This is as sweet as cupcake if I may say!
The first time I heard about tuteria.com, it sounded like a joke; I felt that the task of proving access to available and qualified tutors in all fields of learning was in-achievable. But today, the tuteria guys have proven me wrong. With just a click on your phone, you can now shop for qualified, experienced and certified tutors at a location closest to yours and at the very time you need them, courtesy, tuteria.com.
Tuteria.com meets the needs of millions of Nigerians looking for tutors in various areas of life and created a perfect solution for it. Aren’t these guys smart? So, with Tuteria.com, there is absolutely no excuse for failure in any exams. And this guys really do mean business going by the calibre of tutors on the platform.

It’s only fair to share.

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