The All African Music Awards 2015 night was a success; thanks to its organizers for putting together such a huge show. One of the aims of AFRIMA I suppose, is to help put the African great acts on the same stage to promote unity, peace and love among the African people as a whole. However, AFRIMA 2015 revealed much about how many African Artistes view the concept of  the “African Music”.
May I ask, is any African country above African as a continent? Obviously, some Artistes seem to place their countries

AFRIMA IMAGE above Africa. Only this can explain the absolute disregard for Africa as demonstrated by the apparent intended absence of many African Artistes – even those who were awarded – from an event of African scope. While many participants, nominees and awardees traveled all the way from Morocco, Angola and other parts of North, East and Southern Africa to grace the event, many Nigerian Artistes, nominees and awardees demonstrated their nonchalance and disregard for the African continent by sending representatives to receive awards on their behalf. For an event that was hosted in Lagos where most of the said Artistes reside, this attitude is not only despicable but a great disesteem to the image of the country Nigeria. It becomes more absurd when you realize that this same sets of Artistes are the same people who long so desperately for an MTV award that they resort to anger at their denial of such – how sad!
It did not come to me as a surprise that the audience at the event exhibited their failure to understand the sheer fact that they were at an African event and not a Lagos show. From their refusal to appreciate nominees and winners from other parts of Africa outside Nigeria, to their cold reception of non-Nigerian Artistes that were given the stage to perform, the audience of the 2015 AFRIMA greatly exposed the world to the disconnect existing between the peoples of Africa and the music(s) of/in Africa. Well, blame not the audience; maybe they haven’t been seeing those other African songs on the popular music stations or on their radio stations. In any case, 2015 AFRIMA has confirmed the exigency of a more united Africa where peoples of the continent would not only appreciate the cultures and peculiarities of one another, but come to terms with the fact that no one African people, culture, value or even music is greater than the other.

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