Adekunle Gold’s First Songs and Our Hopes for Him

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Three weeks ago, I was listening to WAJE speak on a popular radio station about her new song with Patoranking and her other endeavours.

I can’t really remember all she said on the show that day but I remember her saying that the average life span of a song in Nigeria today is 3 weeks. Just three weeks!

Well, did it come to me as a surprise? NO. For me, it’s even shorter.

Three to four days after downloading any of these new Nigerian Artiste’s songs, I find myself deleting it from my playlist, and with speed.

The reason is not far-fetched, I just get tired of them.

These songs have almost everything in common with one another: Same story, similar beat, almost the same video concept.

I really don’t know about you but I know that many Nigerians are hungry for something new and better.

Talking about something new, Adekunle Gold, the newly signed YBNL singer is relatively new in the Nigerian music industry.

Undoubtedly, Adekunle seems to bring something different on the table of the record label and certainly to the ears of his fast-growing fans.

However, whether or not he really brings something better, time would definitely tell.

But there are some features of his SHADE that interests me:

The thematic thrust of Adekunle Gold’ shade revolve around love but this time, he moves away from the portrayal of love as something synonymous with sex as seen in many Nigerian music videos.

AdekunleGold presents a love story that passes a viable message to the audience who pays attention to his lyrics.

The protagonist’s (played by the musician himself) love for a lady moves him to solicit her hand in marriage.

He requests that the lady comes to meet his parents before any other steps that would lead to the marriage.

This idea correlates with the traditional Yoruba ideology of marriage – and maybe that of some other cultures in Nigerian.

The ideal step to take before a man takes a woman home as a wife is to take her to his parents for acceptance and blessings.

Apparently, Adekunle reiterates this culture in his single Shade whether intentionally or not.

Also, Adekunle sings
“Ojo nlo, – (time is fast clicking)
Ose to lo mope thirty o Shade (i.clockee 30 last week).
I dey beg say make you marry….
Please come be my wife”.
These words remind one of the Yoruba saying: “Igba ara la n bura”, Meaning, there is time for everything (sorry, my translation is poor).

Yes, indeed the protagonist acknowledges the fact that he has attained an age that he should settle down and have a family of his own. He asks for the hand of the woman he loves in marriage in order to achieve this.

With this, the songs objectify that marriage should be the aim of dating, not sex as is generally perceived by youths these days.
Because of these vital messages that the song pass to its audience, even if you are not dancing, you may be imbibing some values by listening carefully to its lyrics and that’s one core purpose of music; to reach the heart, not just to make people dance.

Adekunle Gold’s indigenous, his creativity and originality account for his seamless penetration into the music industry.

Although he seems to target the up and mobile, his songs also appeal to the older generation who hardly listen to music of people of his age.
Adekunle Gold has surely started his career well (Thanks to his record label too).

It is only hoped that this talented young man does not eventually go in the way of the popular music of today that only lasts for three weeks and end up contaminating the moral air of the society.


  1. I totally agree with you. I mean this shows how much effect the music has in our present society. I have followed Gold’s songs closely, they are exceptionally appealing and vant-garde in genre.

    Appatently, his knowledge of the Yoruba tradition cannot be overemphasized but my questions whenever I listened to the song ‘Shade’ are always ‘what’s the significance of age in marriage?’ ( Who cares if you are 40 and lacks the wherewithal of marriage? That to me means age shouldn’t be a criterion of marriage in this age. This is why so many people especially ladies rush into marriage (good or bad) because they are ageing.) And ‘do you get married because some people expect you to? (I’d rather marry on my own will and bear whatever comes, sweet or bitter or bittersweet.)
    In fact, I have a lot to say about the song on cultural basis.

    I must commend the writer for her painstaking piece on her society, especially the trending activities. More ink in your pen.


  2. @Olaniyi, you have raised some very important issues here. I share your sentiments on marriage; the debate will definitely continue . Thanks for stopping by. We promise more interesting articles @ideaslane. Cheers!


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