what succesful entrepreneurs do differerntly

Even when you do not exactly fit in for that position you have been invited for, there are some qualities you could exhibit at the interview hall that would get the HR thinking on replacing you with the candidate that has got the required qualifications.

I will explain better.


Have you been asked a question you do not have an answer to? Own up! You are not expected to know everything about just everything.

Truth is, even the HR person does not know everything, and trust me, he would be learning from you to get better at what he does.

So, there is no crime in politely expressing that you do not have complete knowledge about a certain question that you have been asked.

Now, if you go ahead and give a funny answer, there is a way your interviewer will get to know that you have lied and that will be too bad for you because no one wants to employ a mediocre and lair in their business but some companies are willing to put their money on smart rookies who can be trained to taste.

There is absolutely no need to lie about what you do not know just to prove that you are a fit for a job.

A Phrase like “I am just learning that” OR “I am working at improving my proficiency in that area” would show just how sincere and smart you are.


Now, if you are going to be smart and sincere in your interactions with the interviewer, you have to do that with all the confidence in this world!

Confidence is when you know you have answered most of the interview questions wrongly and after the interview, you rise and give the Interviewer a warm firm shake, looking into his eyes with a warm smile while saying “I look forward to hearing from you soonest”.

I am in no way saying you should not prepare for your interviews (if you do not prepare for an interview, you will fail woefully).

I am only trying to emphasise the importance of confidence here. One Dictionary defines confidence as “a positive feeling arising from an appreciation of one’s own abilities; self-assurance.”

That’s exactly the spirit you want to exhibit at the interview –Self-assurance.

You definitely possess your own abilities and no one can take them away from you whether you pass an interview or not.

All you need to do is to confidently emphasis your strength while you don’t shy away from your weaknesses.

Every employer wants to have confident young men and women who would represent the interest of their organisation even when their company is going off the radar.

Interviewers always prefer confident candidates; those ones who acknowledge their weaknesses but confidently emphasise their strengths.


A friend of mine recently lost the opportunity of working with a multinational FMCG company (as a Brand Manager) because her CV didn’t indicate that she would work with the company as long as they would want her to.

She had worked with about 11 different companies in only four years.

The employer got weary of her restlessness at Jobs and was really scared she would equally dump the company untimely.

Despite doing excellently well in the several tests that were conducted, she could not justify why she worked for 11 companies in just four years and so she could not secure the job.

The lesson is: as a candidate, you have to be able to prove beyond any doubt to your interviewer that you would stay with the company for a reasonable period of time at least.

Your CV should rightly indicate this even when you plan otherwise. To edit your profile and remove all those numerous small companies you have hustled at and leave only the very important ones.

Every employee wants to hire candidates perceived as one who would stick with their organization come what may and that’s exactly what you need to prove at an interview. Let them see your passion for their organisation.

After all these three, one thing you do not want to joke with is adequate preparation which we would be looking at in some other posts.



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