I really would have thought that because YAHOO is not an ATM machine or MTN or NEPA (PHCN or whatever their newest acronym) or my local television station in Akure, quality service would not be such an unaffordable luxury for them, but I was mistaken. Of course I am used to failed systems, failed structures and even failed promises from brands that make the most noise, so I have already structured my life in such a way that I do not expect so much from service providers, so most times when they come with their failures, I already have plans a, b, c, d …to z (lol). On the other hand, my trust and loyalty to foreign brands was boosted by the much praise my cousins and friends in the UK sing about their effectiveness and functionality.  So when last month I lost my diary containing passwords to my email addresses; LinkedIn passwords, the name of a nice but cheap weave-on a friend had just introduced to me; names of my bible students and many other open secrets, I knew I was in deep mess. Sadly, today makes it precisely four weeks and four days that I have been burning my data, browsing endlessly, following guidelines on retrieving passwords and surprisingly, all to no avail. In fact, I have wasted my megabyte watching YouTube showing guidelines to recovering passwords, still no way. And to imagine that YAHOO could send me a link that would fail to open for more than 24 hours? Am disillusioned! Can someone tell me what’s happening?  Now, after all efforts in futility, in desperation, I resorted to dialing any number I come across through my search on Google; i dialed two of such, both “do not exist”. OMG! I am freaking out! I need these passwords; it’s my account, not YAHOO’s, why should I be in denial just because I lost my diary? And to think of the job prospects I am already at the verge of losing (if I haven’t already  lost 1 or 2 already), it’s like I am in an emergency ward where there is no Doctor. I feel like I should bite, but I am toothless; and who do I even bite, after all, I cannot see YAHOO. If I had known that YAHOO and NEPA had a few things in common, maybe I would also have had plan b,c,d…z for my email addresses, now I know better than to trust that any brand really has my interest at heart.

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