dirtWhen we visit beautiful places in the world like France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, South Africa and the USA, we usually come home with tales of its enormous splendour and we do this often with a tone of visible fondness for such places. Why? Because those scenes sharply contrast the soiled, polluted and defaced habitat we call home. But the big question is: did man ever meet his space ordered and scenic to his taste? Well, in as much as no reasonable human can deny the natural beauty and much as no reasonable human can deny the natural beauty and orderliness a supreme God splashed the universe in beginning, it would only be reasonable also to agree that man has worked so hard to maintain, enhance, reform and even upgrade his environment.
Enough of the shilly-shally, Let me go straight to the point. We are talking about the effort of man in making his environment clean and beautiful. Don’t think of Government yet! Enough of our egocentric mentality! Now ask yourself: am I making my immediate environment clean? Am I conscious of my habits as to the effect it could have on the beauty or otherwise of my environment? Many Nigerians, old and are young are in the habit of throwing unwanted waste products on wherever is convenient for them. Are you in that habit too? When was the last time you kept that biscuit wrap somewhere in your bag because you could not get a waste bin around? Most times, I am reminded of what fruit is in season because I see their trash seed littering the whole place. Do you know that our country would have been less unattractive if all pure water sachets were properly disposed? I was recently in a public transport travelling to a neighbouring state. Before I sat on the seat the conductor had assigned me, it took me 5 minutes to park the leftover beans cake, lurking eggshell, empty bottles of coca cola drink, used recharged card papers and other rubbish that put me in an awful mood even before the journey started. The bus was an eyesore all together! I continued wondering if the last sets of passengers were dogs and goats until the young man seated next to me ordered for a pack of fried rice and chicken lap at the nearest garage. I wasn’t particularly disturbed by the not too pleasant smell of the food as I neutralised the aroma with the fresh air breezing in through the window. Before long, he was through with the food, only for the young man to throw the pack through the window; the baby pink take-away pack landed straight on other lane of the newly tarred road. I felt sorry for the poor highway, but sorrier for the people it was designed for. As I was so tired, I soon dozed off as I rested on my travelling bag. A heated argument ensued that soon woke me from my nap. It was the young man blaming the Government for the country’s misfortune. I felt like contributing, I would have started with his destructive habit, but I was just too tired.
Many Nigerians are just like the young man in the bus but we really have to start cultivating the habit of tidiness and orderliness. No Government is likely to go about monitoring passengers in the bus. Let’s be the change we want in our Government. And it’s a matter of consciousness. We need to be conscious of little things like how we dispose chocolate wraps. We can’t afford to retain our “waste littering” habit beyond now! if there is no waste bin around, simply bag it!

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