xxx“I DO” or “Till death do us part” is no flippant talk said gratis in suits and ball gowns with crowd of witnesses and plenty to eat and drink – except in movies – without real effort on the parts of spouses. Marriages that work build on the effort of both parties not just to make sacrifices but to live their lives, not as two persons, but as one! Practicality becomes germane here. As “marriage aspirants” or newlyweds, many of us have read books from titles A to Z on how couples can really live as one – that’s what they are pronounced, anyways – some of us have even made an effort as far as meeting marriage counselors and experienced, old couples; but when it comes to the practical and easiest ways couples can live as one and actually last long, you will be surprised these list below will do wonders in helping your marriage last the longest.

Nothing feels spiritually laudable about couples than this! When couples pray together- I especially love it when they hold hands – they get to humbly highlight their joint needs before the originator of marriage. One good thing praying together does to couples is that husband and wife do not only get closer, God becomes a closer third party.
Even to me, this sounds funny – Men will be like: “what!” Well, that’s why it’s only a meal a day you’ll have together – preferably, dinner. This habit, funny as it may sound is as fun! I bet a few couples who have sustained this habit never wished they stopped. What about playfully settling an argument over a meal while you scoop the bulky chunk of meat that belongs to your spouse as he battles with grains of rice in the full abode of his mouth? Nothing can be so unserious yet, curative!
It’s not a bad idea that spouses put on same fabric of suitable styles at least, occasionally. In fact, each one feels a sense of belonging and a deep feeling of love in the real sense if this is practiced as often as they spouses would want – I don’t mind every other Sunday. And do you know that this practice serves some security purposes? I can assure you putting on same fabric does lots of good than you can imagine to your marriage.
Women are more interested in this part; they love gifts like ants love sugar. Buy gifts for your wives! But who doesn’t love gifts anyways? So if it’s the other way around – women buying gifts for men, it is a very welcome development. Women, don’t always be at the receiving end, buy gifts for your husband! Spouses don’t want to underestimate the importance of showering each other with gifts often, it doesn’t have to be a million dollar worth of gold chain ; even a body towel at the right time will suffice. Couples who ignore this part are doing a lot of dangers to their marriage.
When was the last time you said to your darling wife “this stew is so fantastic”? Don’t strain! It only shows you have to learn how to make remarks about efforts your spouse make in dispensing her duty. This is not one sided by any means; wives too have to make remark about their husbands often. When spouse generously sprinkle pleasantries on each other, they become more endeared to each other and the longer they stay.
I don’t care if you are proud of your spouse or not- and that’s why you should be proud of him or her in the first place – you just have to go on outings together and, often. Some men will rather have their wives rot in the heat of the kitchen than spend a few extra Naira in the cinema – or whatever your choice is – just to spend quality time together. And some women are so busy attending one social function or the other – buying thankless Ankara and Gele – that they totally forget their spouse’s need for company. Couples who make room for each other by going out together often, will definitely get closer and last longer.

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