Nigerians could worsen Ebola via false alarm

I woke up this morning to the weird news of how salt water prevents Ebola. Gush! Can you believe that many people are actually thinking this is true? In fact, before I got up from my bed, my mum had already been calling friends and relatives, telling them that some people have said that salt water prevents Ebola, so they should endeavour to use it, I had to run out of my room to stop her from spreading the false news; I was mad at her, even though I knew she was ignorant, but she should have verified at least before spreading the news! How could we be so naïve in this age and time! The danger of such false, fake and facetious alarm is that it actually makes many people take lightly an issue like Ebola that is supposed to be taken very serious and this places many more are people at risks of the disease due to misinformation.

Well, for one thing, Nigerians are known to always make jokes out of all sorts of situations and this is very dangerous. Sometimes, out of frustration and most times, just because of idleness and the simple fact of wanting to create funny awareness on social media; Nigerians mislead themselves a whole lot without knowing. But there are some matters that should not just be taken lightly or jokingly, otherwise, serious harm would be done to the Nation at large. Such is the issue of Ebola, yet Nigerians are making costly jokes of it and I am afraid this is not a pleasant development. People should instead be busy with promoting facts on how to maintain good hygiene and other means of preventing this disease. By joking around with Ebola, we underplay its seriousness and this is very unsafe. We need to learn how to make distinctions between matters of utmost seriousness and matters that can be handled in jest. Through the social media, information now spreads faster than viruses and this is another reason Nigerians should be very careful about the kind information they unfurl on social media.

ebola Do not joke about Ebola; it is nothing to joke about! Be sincere and human in whatever thing you say to the public about the virus. Remember, your words can either save lives are claim lives, so, join in the fight against Ebola by spreading valuable and verified information about this deadly virus. Over 1,700 people are infected already with over 930 deaths from the affected West African countries of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria. For more information about how to prevent Ebola, visit:

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