Hurray! It’s your wedding. That day you’ve craved all your life is finally here. Am happy for you sweetheart! Who doesn’t love weddings anyways, the colorfulness, the bliss; the blasting and dancing, the fried rice and cow meat and the wining that follow, and if one is lucky enough, an item or two of souvenirs and most importantly, the prospect of serving one’s eyes with different styles of aso ebi; anything from lovely, crazy, weird and creative. Of course, the aso ebi part of the whole ceremony is for most party enthusiasts the most significant of it all but for me, it’s the most “of no use” part for these reasons I’ll be expounding below:

 What it takes to organize
To have all your friends and families, far and near, get their own pieces of the aso ebi fabric, believe me, could be quite very stressful. An issue like aso ebi is too trivial to expend all your energies on; it’s your wedding and you need the whole time in the world to be your very best on your special day not for worrying about other people. Even if you are going to assign the responsibility to someone else, you are still going to be supervising, so, why bother your head with aso ebi wahala at all.
No matter how expensive and classy you, your family and your caucus of friends are, your whole aso ebi expenses will definitely be quite unaffordable for some. Talking about affordability, it doesn’t always have to do with money; some might not be able to afford the time for the whole paparazzi. And talking money, a friend of mine once told me with guilt, how she missed her bosom friend’s wedding because she couldn’t afford to buy the all-inclusive aso ebi package, costing 45k because she had just paid her rent for a new apartment and couldn’t get a lending hand; she cooked up a story for her friend while avoiding the wedding, imagine that!

Feeling exploited
It’s crazy that you’ll make some people feel exploited with the whole plan, yet, they will go ahead to get the aso ebi simply because they don’t want to feel like an outcast at the occasion; they just go out of their way and do it grudgingly to please you anyways. Am sure you’ll not love to force people to please you just because it’s your wedding.

Don’t most of us already have way too many aso ebis in our wardrobe than whatever we can do with them? The most unreasonable thing to do to that wardrobe is to spent a whole lot of money just to add another piece of fabric jamming the whole place with too many aso ebis.
How many of us can actually repeat a particular aso ebi dress to at least two different occasions with the same sets of people. (lol). I bet you don’t want to try it, else, you’ll be in trouble; that’s when on twitter people will be like “can somebody help with some new dresses, pls”… and if you aren’t gonna be wearing an aso ebi more than once, why get one in the first place?
Weddings privileges
Some folks buy your aso ebi, attend your wedding, then sit down assuredly expecting to be treated like queens and kings as if they’ve actually sponsored the whole wedding; you know that funny saying ‘ko wo ankara ko je semo’, yeah, ‘no aso ebi, no food or gift at the wedding, ‘funny, that would infer that anyone who has got the aso ebi is entitled everything! And that’s why some people feel they should get just anything and everything available for taking away at a wedding; after all, they’ve bought the aso ebi. Crap!
No bargain
It’s a different thing when one goes to the market to get fabrics; one gets to choose from a variety of available options, in that way, one would often combine prize with quality and other preferences before making a very good choice. But buying aso ebi is never like that; you just have totake whatever is given to you; either good or bad and worse still, you cannot even dare to bargain.

Blending colours
To think that after making the whole sacrifice of buying the aso ebi, some brides will still go as far as dictating the colour of shoes and bags that they want you to combine with their fabric; this can be so annoying. Some would even go as far as dictating accessories too. Well, although most brides are just all about a beautiful outlook for their weddings not inconveniencing others but by going that far, they have greatly overdone it! So, for these reasons, I’ll suggest that going by a colour code will just be ok if you care to be a considerate bride.(C) www.xsightn.com 2010 Picture from http://www.xsightn.com

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