5 Ways To profit Maximally From Your NYSC Year.

nigeria-youth-of-a-nation-naijaonpointNYSC to many is a waste of 12 months of one’s life. But if you are yet to serve your father land (as they will say), and you are already developing your own business idea as an entrepreneur, you are ready to witness the most profitable 12 months of your life! Here is how you can employ Youth service to turn your dream of a successful entrepreneur into reality.
Garner important contacts
Starting from camp, you will meet people, some of these people you meet, both fellow coppers and others, will be of relevance to your line of business immensely; all you need do is to open up and provide concrete evidence to show that you are up for your business as claimed. You don’t want to make the mistake of underestimating any contact; you never can tell who will be the most valuable client in the nearest future. So, widen out, meet people and garner contacts. Once you have those contacts, keep them and make sure you retain the friendship too.
Boost your social media base
Since you will meet people from different places and backgrounds during service, you should make it your aim to link them on social media; this will provide you the medium to promote your business through social media, that is, you will be able to increase your social media base, i.e., Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, this will in turn, drastically help promote your emerging business. So, don’t just make friends for the whole 12 months, make friends who will help you make money.
Meet skilled potential partners
You cannot only meet your spouse during your service year; you can also meet future business partners. When you start your business, you do not have to embark on the arduous task of looking for skilled hands that would help you handle various parts of your business; be on the lookout for them now. If you are going into publishing for example, you’ll need an adept editor, skilled graphic designer, you might also need a web designer, a seasoned marketer, etc, if you already know a few guys during NYSC who are good in these aspects, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy.
Maximize your place of primary assignment
Wherever you may be posted, make it your aim to maximize the opportunity to publicize your brand. If it is a school, make sure you stand out as a teacher, even if you are not a trained one, then you can decide to make your alias your brand name. For example, if you are into makeup/beauty business and your business name is “spotless” you can decide to make people call you “spotless” instead of your real name just to promote your brand and make the brand familiar to people in that setting. Use any opportunity of events or occasion in your PPA to exhibit your stuff; it often will not have financial implication.
Meet potential sponsors
It is not as simple as it sounds but it is very possible to find sponsors for your business during your service year but you would have done lots of home work on your own to make your idea marketable and appealing to prospective sponsors. There are potential sponsors lurking everywhere corps members serve; from parents of students to financially buoyant clients of organizations, so, shine your eyes.
Save some money
Your colleagues might save their allowance (alawi) to their discomfort during the 12 months, but you just save a reasonable amount constantly that is convenient for you, by the time they have spent their last kobo looking for jobs, you are there boosting your business with your savings, though token. So, endeavour to save a little for your business during your NYSC even if it will only buy you a good digital camera that will cover your events, it will be worth the while.

In conclusion, NYSC year can be a blessing or a total waste of 365 days; it all depends on you!


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