8 Authors That Will Make You Love Reading

images (27).jpgJUDE DIBIA
He wrote the first Nigerian novel with a gay as it protagonist. If there is any author who dares – thematically and linguistically, it is definitely the award winning Jude Dibia. I read black bird over and over again and each experience ever new as the first, was always thrilling. Once you open to the first page of any of Jude Dubia’s works, i assure you,you will develop an unquenchable thirst for more
There is something about Shade Adeniran’s style of writing that will revolutionize your perception of literature. All you have to do is risk the first two pages! You will definitely identify with her characters in a way that you are never going to forget. Imagine this is a piece that every parent should read and buy copies for their children.
Poetry has never been this fun! Tolu’s collection of poems is particularly targeted at “those who hate poetry”. So, if you have always seen poetry as boring and tedious, give Tolu Akinyemi’s your father walks like a crab a trial and you’ll see why you wouldn’t have forgiven me if I hadn’t added this to my list.
Toni Kan’s Nights of a Creaking bed is perhaps one of the most eloquent yet judiciously detailed commentaries on the frenzied and absurd lifestyles of the Nigerian men and women. He recounts the nation’s ludicrous  status quo which defaces her citizenry. This book will expose you to things you probably din’t imagine but happen on a daily basis in Nigeria. Be ready to shed some tears but you will love the experience after all.
His collections of poems will take you very far and bring you so close. I love his poems because it spans variety of concerns. In his soothing collection, you will find nature; history, essence, humanity, joy, pain and all else you can think of. His collection of poems, The Sahara Testaments won him the prestigious 2013 Nigeria prize for literature.
Helon Habila is one of the greatest voices ever to come out of the African literary scene. You’ll love his elegant portrayal of homegrown themes. Through his true to life characters, Habila amalgamates the past and present, thus projecting an imaginative future for Nigeria.  Helon Habila’s waiting for an angel is perhaps one of the most affective documentations of the evil years of military regime in years.YYY
Tosin Gbogi has a wizardry mastery of language that is both magical and irresistible. He  experiments with language in a manner that is not only innovative but exciting – he breaks the taboos of the traditional, “well-formed” poetic patterns. His tongues of the shattered s-k-y fearlessly traverses and shatters the grotesquely hallowed political terrains of “airegin” ( which means Nigeria in his collection), registering in the minds of the readers an unforgettable poetic experience. Get ready for Tosin Gbogi!
She definitely stands out among her contemporaries.  Her choice of fascinating, relevant and controversial subject matters afford her a unique seat in the literary space. Her stories are told using detailed yet easy to understand style of writing and this has endeared a global readership to her works. If you have not read Half of a Yellow sun and Americanah, then what have you been reading?


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