Crime Alert: The Newest Internet Alert.

If Aljazeera airs the same story with BBC or CNN, it has committed no crime; no station has a monopoly of information. If Nollywood decides to make it adaptation of Charles Roven directed American hustle, it shouldn’t be the fans’ problem if the movie fails to win any award in the next AMA. But when bloggers decide to write, not rewrite other blogs, they have become burglars not bloggers, cyber thieves not cyber celebrities. Even when rewriting, a blogger who does not want to be guilty of burglary, should own a reasonable percent of contents, other borrowed sources which must be very well acknowledged. With more and more people claiming to own their own blogs, apparently, there are more burglars around than bloggers.
Because all of us, by virtue of our humanity, have space and time in common, our divergent life patterns are paralleled by this duo which in turn is a resilient cord that binds humans’ thoughts together. Therefore, one person’s experience within a particular space and a particular time is analogous with another person’s in a different place and time. Thus, when blog ideas are consequently similar, it is not a gaffe to hold intertexuality responsible. Going by the theory of intertexuality, there is no original text! No original blog! Every text or blog is a new version of what used to be and an old version of what is yet to be. Therefore, there is an intricate relationship between texts, and in this case, between blogs that make similarities inevitable. If then, all texts are somehow related, caution is needed in order not to mistake cyberspace burglary for intertexuality.
Much as we want our blogs to drive traffic; be relevant, trendy and reckoned with, we must avoid the temptation of committing burglary which could be quite seamless. This requires creativity which of course is a foremost prerequisite for bloggers. For bloggers who do not commit the crime of burglary, bravo! For blogs replete with elements from admirable blogs, yet, innovative and interesting, please, keep it safe. For burglars who answer the name bloggers, “everyday is for the thief, one day is for the blogger”.

picture from http://www.writeawriting.comBBLLO

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