Nowadays, students have mobile phones, e-readers, tablets and other available gadgets at their disposal. It is a smart idea for teachers to leverage on what is exciting and available to their students in teaching. It’s better to have your students use their devices in such a way that is tailored toward learning than use them for other trivial things. Below are some ways teachers can help students make use of their mobile devices:

1) Use web enabled mobile devicesamung as a research tool. A lot of information can be retrieved from the internet through the click of a few buttons; these pieces of information will help students research.

2) Use E-books and other digital materials as alternatives to logging around with loads of heavy books, especially with the seemingly impending death of the print media. The invention of E-books makes it faster and easier to access lots of books even right on a spot.

3) Teachers can create classroom chat group for classes, they can use free group messaging apps to create chat rooms for classes. This is a great way students can make good use of their mobile device.

4) Use skype to connect with other classes, invite guess speakers to address classes and chat with students outside the classroom.

5) Use mobile phones as mobile diaries; set reminders, make notes and organise schedules using variety of free apps and tools.

6) Students can communicate their experiences with the class by using their mobile devices to share photos of field trips, videos and voice records of valuable occurrences. In this era of great technological innovations, teachers as pace setters and models of the younger ones should step up their skill so as to be able to meet the needs of the future leaders.

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