#Bringbackourgirls: In anticipation of the Chibok girls.

When Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistan school girl was shot, the world stood for her; when the Jewish girl, Noam Glick, was assaulted, humanity raised eyebrow, when the over 200 or almost 300 Chibok girls were abducted, the human race consolidated their voices in the call for their freedom. wpid-vrhhApparently, America and her powers, the “others” and their hoi polloi, have almost always demonstrated prompt gestures of solidarity with the girl victim(s) whenever state tragedy strikes; Mass protests, military aids , intelligence supply, monetary assistance, psychological support and lately, social media campaigns. Nonetheless, it is a recognisable fact that at the end of any tumultuous episode, a nostalgic but inevitable end will come, and subtly, such end will erode the tragic story, the sympathetic story tellers and the protagonists of the story; such an end is regardless of whether the global sympathy results in feat or failure, in success or fiasco, and in the case of the Chibok girls case, regardless of whether the girls are brought back or not.

Without attending to the clandestine motivation and intent of the nefarious act of the abduction of the girls, let me say that the Campaign for the #bringbackourgirls has placed the Nigerian Government and people and their peculiar intricacies to the central view of the international community. But again, the world will not continue to fix it lenses at us. Certainly then, one day, maybe very soon, the Chibok girls will cease to attract the glaring eyes of the world; the tears of the Chibok mothers will no longer transcend their tattered roofs; the landscape of the deserted deserts will no longer accommodate the feet of world journalists who put their lives on the line, and then, when the world no longer looks with intense eyes on the abducted girls, what happens to millions of Nigerian girls who like the Chibok girls, risk their lives to pursue education? What becomes the fate of multitude of Nigerian children who cannot afford the luxury of three square meals a day, children who will rather hawk to feed their sick and dying mothers and forfeit education than to die on the threshold of owning a certificate? When the time arrives when #bringbackourgirls will fade like a cloth that fades from washing, who then campaigns for the unemployed youths in their millions, who voices the plights of mothers who die not from the effect of recurring bombs launched at innocent masses but from the fear of what lies ahead for their unborn babies; mothers devoid of words to explain to their little ones the demise of their fathers who passed on while answering the patriotic call they pledge to uphold. Who campaigns for the aged and feeble whose souls out of hunger and neglect daily yearn for the soothing hands of death in a land where old age is a curse? Who speaks for the thousands of endless bomb victims; amputated limbs, eyes turned blind, burnt bodies, defaced faces, disfigured identities, men constrained to wheel chairs, mothers turned childless, children turned orphans, fathers turned homeless and hopeless? Who gives a resounding voice to the concerns of the ever striking workers, the ever protesting students? Who addresses the ever sky-rocketing price of oil? Who listens to the repressed songs of freedom directed at silent oppressors? Who ills the insomnia of boys and girls whose stomachs have only hunger for company? Who redeems the roads of oozing blood and rotten bodies? Who gives answers to recurring questions citizens daily ask out of dare needs that is never met. No matter the fierceness of an inferno, a fire will always turn into aches; no matter the massiveness of the #bringbackourgirls campaign, it shall one day become the content of historical records. But when the girls eventually return, when “our girls” are finally brought back, who takes our shared interest to the ears of the world and brings back our lost core? #Bringbackourgirls.

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