WANTED!!! Online solutions to automobile problems

If I can place an order for a latest gold platted Versace wrist watch on Konga and have it delivered within the shortest of time; if I can replace my crashed laptop computer within the latest Linux notebook computer and resume my writing mania at the double; if an ATM card can do me the service of my cool crisp cash on a Sunday morning when my wallet rings out empty in the face of pressing weekend needs, then, there is definitely more than cruising that my car should offer me; more services than repair that my mechanics should provide me.


As a young lady, I love cars, I love driving but I hardly know anything about cars and their wahala. Of course I was taught the “abc” of driving by my younger brother before I enrolled at some driving School for more learning, but even at that, when it comes to the “xyz” of driving and cars, seriously, I am found wanting. So what‘s “abc”? By that I mean those simple things like identifying the break, accelerator, trafficator, gear, horn, etc. And by “xyz” I mean those things you need a mechanic to fix for you after you’ve exhausted your little knowledge and you’re still stuck.

What if we have some “Online mechanic” company that can help fix car issues online and even provide quick real live car-related services through staffs to users?


For people like me, it will be such a relief! I can’t really figure out how exactly this would work out but I know it will definitely work and life will be lot easier, if with a click of my phone I can get immediate and effective help for my car and be on the move almost on the spot. If konga can do it, if linux can; if ATM can, then, you can be the next real deal solving car problems; easing life style. If you can think it, you can do it. Remember, all great successes of today started with that one idea that turned their lives around, that’s why at www.ideaslane.com, we provide you with golden ideas.



(Image from  http://i.dailymail.co.uk/and http://4.bp.blogspot.com)


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