hands2I remember vividly that very day I’ll never forget in a hurry. It was the beautiful evening of the second day of December, 2009. It will always be a very memorable day for me; the day I became useful for myself, the day I made a pair of Ankara shoes! (Funny you would say)The feeling was indeed ecstatic! Often, I would look at the two beautiful hand-made things, emit a pleasant beam and then suddenly, those smiles would intensify, escalating into an uncontrollable but profound laughter. If you didn’t know the reason for my excitement back then, you would think I had just won a lottery for myself, but what I had won was more than that; I had won a life for myself.

Let me not bore you further with my exuberance. The simple, yet crucial point I am trying to make is that you are never going to be happier than when you start to do things for yourself; when you do something with your own hands or by your own initiative. Until then, you are at best, an appendage to life. Everyone has got the capacity to be ingenious, although in different capacities.

Why then do many people decide never to explore the creative resourcefulness innate in them? Well the answer is simple; we either watch things happen or make things happen. Those who make things happen have their unique reasons for taking up the life challenge. But for those who don’t, here a few reasons we found responsible for their indifference. Now give a thorough look at the list below, sincerely scrutinize yourself and if you happen to fall into any of the categories that will be discussed, please be ready to revolutionise.

  • You dawdle while time speeds

It’s a boring cliche that time wastes for no one but when you see some people act; you begin to doubt how well such saying has been digested. Once the time is almost up for the deadline you set for yourself to do something, you shift it even further and further and further till you never will; the problem is that you procrastinate, you dawdle while time flies so you can never be on time to achieve anything significant until you begin to work with the speed of time.

  • You are a Judas of yourself

Why do you betray yourself so repeatedly like faithless Judas? You know you write so well but you don’t see yourself anywhere near Chimamanda Adichie, so you are just going to watch her get away with all the medals and you just betray yourself? The problem is, you don’t believe in yourself and unknown to you, it gives other people a chance. When you disbelieve yourself, people who can take the chance will of course chance you and do what you would have done better.

  • You’re 25 but wish you are 18

The fact that you couldn’t start that modeling job at 18 doesn’t make it impossible for you to become a successful model at twenty whatever. Yes, you hear stories of people who started early and made it real good; there are also those who weren’t early starters but are equally successful in their endeavours. Don’t be deceived, age is never the barrier, the barrier is always your state of mind.

  • You’re dreaming of a robust bank account

Truth be said, money is crucial to the development of any initiative but money shouldn’t always come first. Perfect your logistics; be sure of the profitability of your interest, know your target market and understand the complexities of the market place. Once all these are put in place, any prospective sponsor will be motivated to help, observing your seriousness.

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