Start small, Start early, and Start now.

I recently met two young men and proud employers of at least ten other young people. During our discussion, I got to realise that these young employers only had one wish: that they had started creating a niche in their animation/3D visualization line of work earlier. Later that day, there ensued a discussion between the men and I on the need for young ones to start exploring the entrepreneurial realm as soon as they have basic formal education. Let me share some of the points of our discussion, you will be inspired.


Discover Your Passion

No one can do this for you; do it yourself! Good enough, all of us have our own talent, ability, flair and capability that have been deposited in us; we only need to find out what this super talent is, to think through. When I was younger, we used to have a neighbour whose son always cared for pets. He would feed them, protect them and nurture them; he knew when they were ill and what to do to make them well. Soon, we began seeing him as a pet enthusiast but he was actually becoming a pet “care taker”. Many years later, when I saw him again, he had become the biggest animal farmer in his area, supplying animal product. I was not surprised, at least as much as others. What helped my neighbour’s son? He discovered his passion, and early. Take a good look at you, what is that thing you find yourself doing effortlessly and often? That might be your own talent. Discover it and go right after it. Remember, you must believe it to achieve it and it’s never late but better early!


Don’t Exchange Your Talent for a Degree

One fact you can stopnever be told in school is that talent cannot be learnt there! And your teachers always are concerned about your academic performance than your talent – after all, schooling is not attending some talent hunt show. You could attain a degree from Harvard University (that’s about the most prestigious University in the world) and refuse to develop that golden talent deposited in you by your creator. Four months ago, at a conference, I meet a young lady who resigned as a frustrated banker at the age of 27. She is now a fulfilled author of a bestselling novel in the US (her novels are sold in Nigeria too). The point is that, it pays to explore one’s talent than to endure one’s labour. You enjoy yourself more that way. Do not trade your talent for the best of degrees or education; always ensure that you develop your talent equally. I am not discouraging you from going to school; in fact, education is the bedrock of any notable achievement. But you do not have to place education above your talent. Don’t you ever compromise! Your talent is equally profitable. Now let me give you this little task: try to find out that thing that you do effortlessly and enjoyably. Once you identify that, then the rest is history.


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