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15 best-paid survey sites in Nigeria

Students are always looking for ways to make extra income. School expenses are on the increase and pocket money is hardly ever enough to meet student needs.

If you are a student looking for legitimate ways to make money while in school, you may want to try paid website surveys.

In recent times, one of the most legitimate, reliable, and relatively easy ways to make money online for students in Nigeria and young people generally is through paid surveys and GPTs (Get paid to).


A paid or incentivized survey is where a person fills out the details of some surveys or similar activities and then gets some reward.lady filling best-paid survey sites in Nigeria

The paid survey websites put out these surveys on behalf of companies and organizations who want to improve on their performances and need customers’ insights. The usual prizes are a small amount of money, a simple reward like a pen or cup, or entry into a competition to win something.


You can make money from paid surveys in Nigeria simply by registering on top paid websites that are open to Nigerian users and by successfully filling recommended surveys and others get paid for activities like playing games, watching videos, take offers, searching the web, etc.

So, it’s quite simple and straightforward. All you need to do is be able to complete these tasks on the best-paid survey sites in Nigeria and get paid.

When you successfully complete these tasks, you will be rewarded mostly with a few dollars or other gift items.students get money from paid online surveys in Nigeria

You get paid once your earnings reach the threshold which could be from $1-$10 or more, depending on different paid survey websites.

Most paid survey sites for Nigerians payout with Paypal.


Like I said above, different survey sites pay different ranges of earnings to users based on the different tasks such users complete successfully. Some survey sites pay as much as $3 for each task, some pay $1-$1.5.

If you are curious to know which survey sites pay the most for Nigerian users and what their payment thresholds are like, then continue reading this information I provide here and you will find all the answers to your questions about what survey sites pay most and what they pay?Lady filles best-paid survey in Nigeria

Best paid survey sites in Nigeria in 2021

If you are also interested in making money from YouTube in Nigeria, see how you can make money from your YouTube right now. If you are not interested, skip this and proceed to the best-paid survey sites in Nigeria.

  1. Survey savvy

SurveySavvy is one of the oldest paid survey sites that Nigerian users can use. It was founded in 1999. Since then, it’s been directly connecting consumers with companies looking for consumer opinions and pay them cash for sharing their opinions.

After you join and complete your member profile, they will use the information you provide to target various demographics.

When your profile matches the basic criteria for a specific survey, they will invite you via email to participate.paid on paid survey site in Nigeria

If you pass the in-depth screening portion of the survey and complete the body of the survey, they will credit your account the amount mentioned in the invitation.

There is no guarantee as to how many surveys you may receive or participate in. That is based on your personal profile, what SurveySavvy clients are looking for, and if you fit into any open quota group.

There is no real average as to how many invites most people receive. The amount of invitations varies, but you may receive more based on your profile. So carefully fill your profiles when registering on this platform.

SurveySavvy is very open to Nigerian users and almost all users from many other countries in the world.

Payment method:

You can request payment by using the “Request Payment” tool under the Account section once logged in. They send payment via check. It can take up to 4 weeks or more to receive payment but rest assured, they definitely do pay!

Payout threshold: $1

  1. Time Bucks

If you live in Nigeria, this Time Buck is one of the best paying paid survey sites for you. They provide interesting opportunities for you as a user here in Nigeria, unlike many paid survey sites that are not suitable for users from Nigeria.Nigerians get paid on online survey

You can earn cash from doing things such as taking surveys, watching videos, voting, installing free apps, playing games, taking selfies, growing a beard, performing web searches, and much more.

TimeBucks is unique from other reward sites on this list because they pay in real cash, not gift cards. They also pay weekly via PayPal. With TimeBucks, you get your own dedicated account manager to help you earn as much cash as possible!

TimeBucks is free to join, and also has a referral program where you can earn a commission for referring your friends! So if you’re a single mom, a student, or you’re just looking for some extra cash to pay the bills, then TimeBucks is the place for you!

Payment method: Bank transfer, Bitcoin, Skrill, AirTM, Payeer, Bank Transfer, Neteller

Payment threshold: $10

  1. Survey Time

SurveyTime is a global mobile ad-tech company that works with the world’s largest market research companies to provide direct, exclusive survey campaigns.Undergrads fills survey online in Nigeria

It is the only survey panel that offers users instant paid surveys with truly instant rewards and that’s why they are one of the best-paid survey websites on this list.

Every time you complete a survey, you will receive an instant $1 reward of your choosing (from the rewards options available), sent immediately to your e-mail. There is no waiting for points approvals or for payment – everything is instant!

When you’ve successfully finished completing a survey, you’ll be asked how you want to receive your reward. Choose from the options available and receive your reward instantly (within a few minutes or a few hours).

Payout methods: PayPal cash payments, bitcoin payments made via Coinbase, Amazon e-vouchers, e-gift cards to retailers including Target, Decathlon, and more.

Payout threshold: $1

  1. Swag Bucks

Swagbucks.com is definitely the web’s most popular rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online.Lady gets paid on survey websites in Nigeria

You can earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals.

SwagBucks is one of the survey sites that are open to Nigerian users and very popular among Nigerian users. And they do pay their rewards for completed tasks.

They have garnered lots of positive reviews over the years and I strongly recommend that you register your profile on Swag Bucks if you want to make little earnings by the side. Students can use Swagbucks.com as a way to make money.

The minimum age required to register for Swagbucks is 13.

Payout methods: Gift cards

Payout threshold: $10

Best paid survey sites in Nigeria in 2021

  1. TMG Panel

TGM Panel is one of the few survey sites that have a specific panel for Nigeria. You should definitely add TMG Panel to your list of best-paid survey sites to check out. It will be worth your time.

Before you can get anything tangible from TMG Panel, however, you need to be patient because you may not quickly find surveys suitable for you.

But if you exercise patience, you eventually will. Your joy will enjoy your experience with this platform when you are able to find suitable surveys.

Payout methods: Gift cards

Payout threshold: $10

  1. Prize rebel

Prizerebel is one of the best-paid survey websites in Nigeria for anyone who wants to make some money by the side.

PrizeRebel is a free GPT (Get-Paid-To) rewards site where members get rewarded with incentives for completing tasks and activities, including a daily online survey in exchange for PayPal cash. Prize rebel also pays their users in dollars.

Prize rebel pays you by sending Paypal money directly to your account when you redeem your points.

Payment method: Paypal

Payment threshold: $5

  1. Offer Nation

Offernation is one of the most popular GPT sites where they pay their members for doing surveys and tasks online.

They do their best to ensure that you have access to the best-paid surveys and free cash offers for you. They also offer high rewards so you can earn money online from the comfort of your room.

The best part is that they make sure you get those payments fast. Offer nation is one of the best-paid website surveys I’ll recommend for anyone in Nigeria who wants to make money on survey sites.

Payment method: Offernation provide a good mix of payment methods with different minimum payout threshold.

PayPal Min Payout – USD$1.00

BitCoin. Min Payout – USD$60.

Skrill Min Payout – USD$1.00

Amazon Gift Cards Min Payout – USD$5.00

  1. Triaba

Triaba is yet another one of the best paying paid survey websites for Nigerians. It’s is a very easy-to-use survey site that has survey websites for Nigerian users.

Their methods of payment are PayPal and gift cards. You can request your earnings once you have reached your threshold of about $7.Man registers for online survey in Nigeria

There are fewer options on Triaba so it might take some time to earn your minimum threshold. Despite this, Traiba is one of the online paid survey sites that are best suitable for Nigerian users.

On Triaba, just like most survey platforms, the money earned for completing a survey depends on the survey and on the company for whom you are completing the survey.

Usually, the longer the survey, the greater the pay. In general, the amount will vary between $0.13 and $3.25 for each survey that you complete.

Best paid survey sites in Nigeria in 2021

  1. Mobrog

Mobrog is also popular among Nigerian survey users.

Once you visit the MOBROG, you are required to provide your email address and some basic details like date of birth, gender, and location and that’s all!

Upon successful registration, you will immediately be invited via email to take part in their online surveys.

They will tell you how much you will earn and the time you will spend filling surveys so that you can decide if worth your time or not.

Please note that you will have to use the email address you signed up with for your PayPal payouts so make sure they are the same.

The most appealing feature of this online survey site is that with their mobile app, it’s so easy to use and easy to money.

Payout methods: PayPal, Skrill

Payout threshold: $6.25

  1. ySense

ySense.com is an online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world including Nigeria.

ySense provides you with the means to get cash offers simply by doing things you do on a daily schedule. It’s so simple and you’ll see cash rewards instantaneously.

Sit back and relax in the comfort of your home while your ySense balance grows and grows.

ySense offer could be anything from testing a new company product to simply watching videos. ySense is the perfect place to get paid to do offers, try out products for money, or download apps for money. Some of their other most common offers are:

Testing new services

Watching videos

Signing up for websites

These offers range in compensation. I encourage you to try as many offers as you feel fit until you find the perfect offer for you.

Payout methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, gift cards

Payout threshold: $5

  1. WowApp

WowApp is another popular paid survey site best for users residing in Nigeria. There are many ways to earn on WowApp apart from filling surveys. You can get paid to read the news, call and chat, get cash back when shopping online, take paid offers, etc.students get money from online surveys in Nigeria

The app pays through PayPal, bank transfer, mobile credit, charity donations.

There is no particular threshold that you have to reach before you can start earning on WowApp, you can earn at any time you have completed any task and you want to get your money.

It may take a bit of time to find suitable surveys for you as a Nigerian user but if you are patient, you will find surveys that would be worth your time.

Payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer, mobile credit, charity donations

Payment threshold: none

Best paid survey sites in Nigeria in 2021

  1. Cointiply

Cointiply is the best-paid survey site for anyone in Nigeria who is already into bitcoin. If you are into Bitcoins or cryptocurrency Cointiply as a paid online platform would interest you.

Cointiply is basically a reward-based site where you get to earn bitcoins when you complete certain tasks.

Tasks with which you could earn on Cointiply include: take surveys, use a Bitcoin faucet, play multiplier game, earn by clicking ads, and some others.

Cointiply payout methods: Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies

Payout threshold: $3.50

  1. HivingSurveys

HivingSurvey as a survey panel has its own site for Nigerian users.

The platform is quite easy for Nigerian survey lovers to use and you will receive an invitation for surveys via emails once you have successfully signed up.

There are many ways to earn on WowApp apart from filling surveys. You can get paid to read the news, call and chat, get cash back when shopping online, take paid offers, etc.

The app pays through PayPal, bank transfer, mobile credit, charity donations. There is no particular threshold that you have to reach before you can start earning on WowApp.lady registers for paid survey in Nigeria

It may take a bit of time to find suitable surveys for you as a Nigerian user but if you are patient, you will find surveys that would be worth your time.

Payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer, mobile credit, charity donations

Payment threshold: $4

  1. Toluna

Toluna is one of the reliable online survey websites that allows you to complete surveys, test products, and make money or earn rewards once you successfully complete tasks.

Most of the time, their surveys will last between 15 and 20 minutes.

Membership is open to survey users from across the world including Nigeria.

You earn points which you can redeem for reward or money. For joining, you are given 500 points.  You can also refer a maximum of 10 friends every month to earn more points.

The reward may take up to 8 weeks to get to you according to their website. It is available to almost every country worldwide from the USA, UK, Canada, India, Nigeria, and more.

Payment methods: Paypal

Payment threshold: $35

  1. PaidViewPoint

PaidViewPoint is one of the best survey sites for Nigerians.  Typically, surveys take less than five to ten minutes to complete.

They pay new subscribers $1 upon registration.

A typical survey test will last from five to ten minutes. You will receive emails about available surveys once they are available.

Payment method: Paypal and others

Payment threshold: $15 USD

Frequently asked questions about paid survey sites in Nigeria:

What surveys pay you instantly?

There are some survey websites that pay instantly. Some of them are OfferNation, SurveyTime, Triaba, SwagBucks, etc. Most of the best-paid survey sites I listed above pay survey users in Nigeria and other parts of the world instantly as long as they successfully complete tasks.Lady makes money from podcasts in Nigeria


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