13 Long-Haul Flight Survival Tips Essential for All Flyers


As a business owner, young game-changer and successful entrepreneur, long haul flights are almost a given.

But considering the fact that not many of us find flying easy not to talk of taking long-haul flights, getting acquainted with some tested and trusted long-haul survival tips and tricks is about the most important thing next to registering your business with CAC.

So what are some of the most essential tips you need to survive your long-haul flights and enjoy your flights even better? Why not just take a few minutes and read the tips below.

You may want to bookmark this guide so you can find it handy whenever you are set to go on those transcontinental trips or fly the world around.

a traveler about to fly in Nigeria

Before we proceed to our long-haul flight guide, it’s important we clarify what long-hail flight really means. How long does a flight take to qualify as a long-haul flight?

Well, we will go by travelstart’s idea of a long-haul flight. According to travelstart, a long-haul flight takes about 6-12 hours. Am sure that’s about your idea of a long-haul fight too.

So, if you do fly as long as anything from 6 – 12 hours, you are a long-haul flyer. Anything longer will classify as Ultra long-haul flight.

13 Long-Haul Flight Survival Tips Essential for Flyers

In case you are not in tune with reading so much, this infographic by travelstart summarises some of the important tips for long-haul flights survival.

  1. Take Your Medication Along

Remember, you are flying a long-haul and not to the next street. You don’t want to be the spectacle of other passengers in the plane by causing any commotion. So please be good to yourself and take along all of your medications.someone travelling takes his drugs along

You might also want to take some sleeping pills along. It’s a long flight and it will not be nice to stare at the plane roof throughout the entire tiring journey.

So prepare to catch some sleep even if they wouldn’t come naturally. Make sure all medications are in their labelled packs though.

  1. Get a portable water bottle

Because it’s going to be a long journey, you would definitely need a lot of water to stay dehydrated.

You don’t want to depend on the small cups of water you will be served in the plane except you are ready to come across as a nuisance, because you’ll become Oliver Twist asking for more and more.

So, to give yourself some respect, bring your water bottle along and you can then re-fill once or twice throughout the long journey.

  1. Have your sleeping kit handy

You would need some sleep while your flight lasts. But sleep might not come your way easily because of the rays of light and little noises here and there in the plane.

If you are the type that cannot catch any meaningful nap amidst such distractions make sure you do not come to the airport without your sleeping kit.

Your sleep kit essentially contains an eye mask which helps filters out sun rays and your earplug which allows you to sleep well.

  1. Put on comfy clothe

Another important tip for your long-haul flight survival is that you should always wear clothes that you are most comfortable in.

It’s a flight of over 6-hours we are talking about here so you should know better than wearing your traditional attire with your headgear and high heels, all in the name of looking presentable in your flight.

nice dresses for flyers in nigeria

Yes you could run into your secondary school mate of 20 years ago and you don’t want to look like you’ve been out of a job for years but balance is the word.

  1. Get your entertainment kit handy

What’s going to happen if your airline does not show any entertainment en route as presumed? Get your E-books, audiobook, novels, games, music and other entertainment cued.

You can’t afford not to keep yourself busy before you land at your destination. Remember, while you are flying you cannot have access to the internet so don’t mistakenly think that your internet will suffice.

  1. Buy noise cancellation headphone

You are wouldn’t enjoy your books or games on your flight if kids are busy crying on your right and other noises are filtering in from your right.

a girl picking headphone with her travels

To avoid these distractions and enjoy your long-haul flight, get an air cancellation headphone and then enjoy your music, audiobook or anything else you want to keep yourself busy with.

Long-Haul Flight Survival Tips Essential for Flyers

  1. Don’t forget your gadgets and battery chargers

Some people’s gadgets are closer and dearer to them than their spouses. Yes, it can be that bad!

Now imagine that your gadgets are that important to you and your plane takes off only for you to remember that your phone or tablet and its chargers are right on the dressing table where you left them when you were rushing to meet your flight.

Your flight would really be a long one that day. To avoid this scenario, try to park your phones, tablets and chargers first. This way, you don’t forget them at home in a rush.

  1. Get a reliable power bank

When going on a long-haul flight, it is almost certain that your phone’s battery will drain before you get to your final destination.

If it’s your first time of going to your destination, you may need to make and receive some phone calls or send some text messages to the person who’s picking you up.

If your phone’s battery is out, only one thing will happen to you, you will get stranded!

And that’s why I will strongly recommend a reliable power bank as one of the things you should take in your carry-on bag for your long-haul flight.

  1. A pair of thick socks will do some good

picks a socks for her journeyYou would need a pair of socks for your long-haul flight too. Apart from keeping your feet protected from the gems in the plane, your leg is able to take in some air and you feel relaxed and comfortable.

If you must use the ladies or gents, kindly put on your sandals or shoes.

  1. Buy hand Sanitizers and keep them handy

Another important safety tip for your long-haul air travel is that you should always have your hand sanitizers with you.

An aeroplane is full of dirt and no matter how an airline tries to keep it clean, it will always carry bacteria causing gems.

One of the best hygienic practices for flyers is to use hand sanitizers just before they touch anything that goes right into their mouth.

Never forget to sanitize your hands. Do it as often as needed.

  1. Carry anti-bacterial wipes

Yes, sanitizers will protect gems going into your mouth but sanitizers only may not cut it.

What about your exposure to what other passengers have used in the plane like your armrests, seat belt, seat back tray?

You need anti-bacterial wipes to wipes those areas and reduce your risks of picking gems and diseases from a flight.

  1. Pack some snacks along

Of course, you would need some items to snack on while on a tiring long-haul flight. You cannot always rely on your airline to make provision for all you would need to eat and chew en route.

good snacks to take when travellingSo to avoid any disappointments go shopping for things you love just before your flight takes off.

  1. Have an amazing experience

Once you have done your due diligence, there shouldn’t be any cause for alarm. You are now set to have an amazing flight experience. Enjoy every beat of the experience.

Meet fellow passengers, make friends, take their contacts, don’t count the hours, keep the hours counting and before you know it, voila! You are at your destination.

In conclusion, these long-haul flight survival tips are almost all you need to enjoy your trip to any part of the world.

I’ll probably add that you should always have a pen and a paper, read up everything about your flight and be a good passenger. I can assure you that long-haul flights can be fun this way.


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