13 Best Apps to Help You Achieve Anything in 2019

13 Best Apps to Help You Achieve Anything in 2019 

Hey guys,

How isiyour week going?

Who else agrees that the year is flying really fast?

It feels like it’s just a minute ago that we ushered ourselves into the brand new year and the next minute, phew!!!

But the good news is that we still have 243 days to go!  Exciting isn’t it?

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You know if you work hard enough, in just a few weeks, you can achieve a whole lot.

So, why not start walking the talk now and start slashing your goals for 2019.

We have even made it easier for you.

We have been looking everywhere on the internet to curate a list of some of the most amazing apps that can help anyone achieve their goals, whatever it is.

Personally, I have also been fortunate to use some of the most amazing apps available and you know I am not that stingy.

So, I’ll be sharing some of those apps with you.

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From listening to some of the greatest speeches of successful people to tracking your growth steps, this list below has got you covered for the rest of 2019.

Whether you want them on your Android phones or your iOS, all you need do is get ready to part with some of your internet data and make life easier for yourself.

For each of this app below, there are several otherl Apps like it that people are loving.

That is why I always rely on your suggestions in the comment section so as to include them in our subsequent list or the edited version of this list.

Now, enough of my perambulating. Check out the 13 Best Apps recommended for you in 2019.

  1. Motivate 365
  2. fabulous
  3. TEDtalks
  4. Forest
  5. Youth Opportunities
  6. Elevate brain game
  7. Evertone
  8. Medium
  9. Blinkist
  10. Podcast
  11. Grammarly
  12. Canva
  13. The Gratitude Journal

best apps to download for inspiration

13 Best Apps to Help You Achieve Anything in 2019

  1. Motivate 365

This is the App that helps you stay motivated 365!

On this App for daily motivation, you can expect to find inspirational quotes, stories and amazingly inspiring wallpapers.

Motivate 365 is absolutely free and available on Android.

I particularly love the wallpapers. I can use them for my home screen and get motivated all day, every minute.

There are also lots of uplifting inspiring stories in the story section.

Youcan easily access your favourite stories by bookmarking them on the App. Tombs up to the guys behind this App.

  1. Fabulous – motivate me

This App helps you to cultivate fabulous habits and routines while slashing your year goal.

The app is built around the concept of journeys.

You start with smaller journeys and advance to bigger ones as you proceed in the journey.

Fabulous App for daily motivation also allows you to customize your favourite habits and routines.

The App is very smart and one of the best motivational Apps you can download with your hard earned data this year.

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  1. TED Talks

You already know that TED is where all the amazing stories of our time is being told right?

Yeah, they’ve got an App where they get you up to speed on the newest and best speeches that can get you motivated, pushed, inspired or …. Just move!

And you can download and save your favourite videos on your library where you can visit it over and over again for free.

TED talk app is really cool. I have had it for a while on my phone and uninstalling it has never been an option for me all the time my phone has run out of space. It always stays.

You can install it through your Google Play store.

  1. Forest

For real, this App is really amazing. It’s arguably one of the best growth and motivation Apps yet.

Simply put, this App helps you stay off your “damn” phone and get some work done.

You feel it? Yeah, the Forest App might just be the solution to your long-time Instagram addiction, who knows?

So basically, it works like this:  you plant a tree on the App and you have to stay off your phone to allow your tree grow among other trees on your forest.

If you try to return to your phone and Facebook for a sec, the App simply declines and sends you back to your work.

Can’t do justice to this App with my pen right now, just go and have a taste.

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  1. Youth Opportunities

So everyone is looking for one opportunity or another be it a scholarship; a fellowship; a writing competition or even startup funding.

In all of these, there is one App that like Jesus, is the answer: Youth Opportunities, full stop.

Ok, so am not paid to do this but I just have to be crystal honest. Youth Opportunities is my best App in 2019 so far, followed by Youth Opportunities.

It’s one market place for all opportunities lurking around the planet no more, no less.

  1. Elevate Brain Game

Elevate App is a cognitive training App that helps you develop communication and analytic skill.

It has been downloaded millions of times and everyone seems to be loving it.

And let me add this. Elevate App users are said to have tested 69% better than grammar, listening ability, math and writing. Yeah, that’s what they say. And if that is even half true, I think you should check it out.

If I should have the slightest of space on my phone anytime soon, am definitely downloading Elevate.

  1. Evertone

I used to have about three note Apps on my phone before. But upon meeting the Evertone App, I couldn’t resist deleting them and replacing them with Evertone.

Evertone is hands down the best note taking App for me so far.  It is designed to help you find your most important information in a way that you can easily find them even if you are the most disorganized person on planet earth.

What I love most about this App is the way it works. It’s similar to the way your computer works. Just the way you can organize your Microsoft word document into files and your files into larger folders, you can organize your notes into notepads and notepads into stacks with the App.

And guess what, you can also add voice memo!

And the award for the best App for organizing information goes too ….

13 Best Apps to Help You Achieve Anything in 2019

  1. Medium

Have you heard about medium App? Well, if you are a writer or an avid reader I guess you should have. No, I am not guessing, you should have it already.

Sincerely, Medium is beyond an App, it’s the largest community of writers and readers from across the globe.

With Medium, you can self-publish your articles, poems, short stories, political analysis or whatever it is you love to write and a great crowd of readers are already waiting to devour your stuff.

Some of the most inspiring and brilliant reads I’ve done recently are from Medium.

The interesting thing about this App is that you can choose from a variety of topics and subjects your favourite topics and you get an endless supply from the best writers ever.

Don’t be surprised to stumble on Michelle Obama’s piece or even Jason Nkoju’s interesting thoughts.

  1. Blinkist

And if reading feels like serious work for you, don’t worry, there is an App that got you, it is called Blinkist.

The guys at Blinkist had people like you in mind when putting this brilliant App together.

So if it’s that you are too lazy to read; you’re really busy, or you just wouldn’t read even if paid to do so, Blinkist is your best bet.

You no longer have to miss out totally on vital treasures hidden in the books, especially non-fictional book. Simply download a Blinkist App and listen up.

Even though this blog post isn’t a review of the Apps, I have to say that to access the books on Blinkist and listen to them, you have to part with some of your monies in $dollars. But it may just be worth it after all.

  1. Podcast

Similar to Blinkist, Podcast is where you can listen to not just books reading, but everything. From top radio shows to the greatest interviews ever and even the most inspiring speech Podcast has them.

  1. Grammarly

Confession time.

So, I used to be a very terrible writer just a few months back. Well, not that terrible really. But spelling wasn’t particularly my forte. It still isn’t. You can tell from what you are reading right? Whatever.

I know am not perfect yet, but if you knew me months back you should know am a changed person now.

All thanks to Grammarly, I can now fix the spelling aspect of my writing without stressing myself out.

You know some people just like to write and write and write but when it comes to proofreading, they don’t have the patience. I am one of them, in fact, their president, Nigeria branch. (Lol).

But with the Grammarly App, I can now write and write and then go to sleep. All I need do is make sure I check my spellings with Grammarly and it’s quite very fast.

Now, this is how it works.

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Once the App is activated on either your mobile phone or your laptop, Grammarly helps you identify your errors as you write and then, you can click and correct them. It’s that simple. Yes, the best things in life come in simple packages.

  1. Canva

Canva is arguably the best App for creatives. You can use Canva to design a beautiful banner for your blog posts; design your brand logo, create unique social media images and more.

You can download the App on your phone or even go to the Canva website directly on your web from your system.

However you choose to use it, Canva is a true gem.

  1. The Gratitude Journal

Psychologists agree that writing down what we are most grateful for daily can help us have a more positive view of life and a better outlook of the future. With The Gratitude Journal, you can achieve this.

This amazing yet simple App will ensure you write down the things you are grateful for every day, at least five things.

You can always get the positive vibes you need daily in your life with this App.

So, there you have it. Do you personally use any of these 13 Apps? What are some of your best Apps this year so far?

Feel free to share your with us in the comment section below.


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