10 Lucrative Low-Cost Business Ideas for Nigerian Students

Higher education affords you a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and improv your social skills.

School also prepares you for a future career either through your course of study or your personal entrepreneurial efforts.

When you start a small low-cost business in school, however, you not only prepare yourself for life outside the school walls, you also make some more money without having to spread yourself thin.

Whether you are looking to save some money, pay some student loans or just looking for extra pocket money, starting a low-cost business in school is a sure way out.

Here are 10 profitable low-cost businesses for Nigerian students.

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Wallpaper Hanging
Wallpapers are the latest home decor technology these days.

Wallpaper hanging is a pretty cool side hustle business ideas for students in Nigeria as it does not take much of your time.

All you need do is a sign on to a wallpaper dealer who would connect you to businesses once they come.

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• Car Washing
Car washing is another cool low-cost business for Nigerian students. Get a washing space, water supply and get one or two of your lecturers’ cars to start with.

• House Cleaning
All you need is your cleaning material and a few contacts to start with. You could also include fumigating and other related services within your capacity.

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• Freelance Writing
Most companies are looking for creative content writers. You could operate in this terrain if you are passionate about writing, not just skilled at it.

The market for freelance is very large. And this has no interference with your studies what so ever.

• Work as Uber Driver
This is a cool student business idea if your school is located where Uber operates and you have a driving skill.

You could also sign in with some other easy transportation platforms like Taxify or others and make your stress-free extra cash.

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Tutoring fellow students. Tutoring could make a goof low-cost business for you as a student if you have any knowledge or skills you are good at.

You could start with tutoring your junior colleagues in school.

• Baby Sitting

You can earn from babysitting for busy parents – more parents are falling into this category these days. No special skill is needed, just a few hours of your time attending to the needs of babies and getting paid.


  • Social media Influencer       
    With an impressive huge social media following, a student could become a social media influencer and earn money from brands looking to reach out to your followers. If you have a huge following, you could also look out for brand ambassador opportunities.

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  • Public-speaking.

As a Nigerian student looking to starting a low-cost business, you could develop your public speaking skills and start earning from it, big time. All you need is just that one opportunity to prove yourself.

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  • Become a Fitness Consultant                

If you played sports in secondary school or you simply work out every day, a fitness consultancy is an excellent way to profit.

Start a weekly or daily exercise group and charge clients -fellow students – a small fee to participate.

With special skills such as Yoga, you can even command a higher fee and become an income earner as a student business owner.




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